Re: Obama's Plan

2008-1-10 00:02:00

John C writes:

"Barack Obama's Plan

"Create Secure Borders. Obama wants to preserve the integrity of our borders. He supports additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry.

"Improve Our Immigration System. Obama believes we must fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill.

"Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally. Obama will remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants.

"Bring People Out of the Shadows. Obama supports a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.

"Work with Mexico. Obama believes we need to do more to promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal immigration.

"Obama Record

"Crack Down on Employers. Obama championed a proposal to create a system so employers can verify that their employees are legally eligible to work in the U.S.

"Fix the Bureaucracy. Obama joined Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) to introduce the Citizenship Promotion Act to ensure that immigration application fees are both reasonable and fair. Obama also introduced legislation that passed the Senate to improve the speed and accuracy of FBI background checks.

"Respect Families. Obama introduced amendments to put greater emphasis on keeping immigrant families together.

"For more information about Barack's plan read:



If Obama is after change this is not it. This is the same plan supported by President Bush and it is probably his greatest failure.