Huckabee's Handwriting Analysis

2008-1-6 03:58:00

Next we'll look at the handwriting of the other big winner in Ohio--Mike Huckabee.

It took some searching to find samples. I found several signatures, but nothing else.

He has a trait similar to Obama in that he is sometimes short on details of how he is to accomplish his goals and thus the end result of his projects will often turn out different than he imagined. It is not as pronounced as Obama, but it must be taken into consideration.

For instance he wants to replace the income tax with a 29 percent national sales tax. If he is elected president and doesn't cover his bases we are likely to have a big sales tax with a loophole that will bring back the income tax in addition to this.

His handwriting shows a high degree of charm--that he is able to get people to do things his way through his personal appeal.

He is intelligent, curious and a self-learner. When interested he is capable of learning a subject quite well.

His intelligence is muddled somewhat by his strong emotions and passions that foment within him. When he feels emotionally attached to a belief then the strong emotions will override his normally high intelligence and he may make an illogical decision. Even though his emotional reactions are strong he does not suppress and is able to work through disappointments and hurt feelings.

He has a quick temper and a strong emotional memory but normally does not hold a grudge.

He is impulsive and gutsy and will move ahead where others fear to tread.

He is very idealistic as are many who are religious. He expects perfection out of himself and others and thus is often disappointed in the end.

He has a sense of humor, is generous and has empathy for the downtrodden.

Even though he is a good talker he has a secretive side that filters his words as he speaks so what you hear is not always what he is thinking.

My thoughts on Huckabee:

He presents himself as more conservative than he is. In practice he will go out of his way to compromise and govern in the middle. In some cases this could be good but in other times it will anger those who expected otherwise.

He is a typical politician as far as wanting lots of revenue through taxation and a willingness to spend other people's money for what seems to be a good cause.

In a crisis he is likely to respond emotionally without thinking things through. On the positive side he often sees the error of his ways after a period of reflection.

I was able to say more about Huckabee than Obama because I had more stroke in my samples. I have found more samples of Obama's writing and will say more on him later.


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