Journey's End Addendum

2007-9-20 17:37:00

Journey's End Addendum

I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope it was not too graphic for you but it was written to make a specific point to the LDS members. Presently they think that they will be protected from a calamity or economic collapse if they just store up a years supply of food. I wanted to illustrate to them in a stark way that in their present situation that their stored food could wind up doing them more harm than good. Since it is common knowledge that Mormons store food they will be the ones the mobs seek out if civilization as we know it were to collapse. Their own teachings, which they ignore, tells them that the way to avoids this problem is through the gathering principle and their own scriptures predict they will abandon it to their peril.

Hopefully this story will wake some up to a possible reality. Let us hope a real collapse does not happen in our future, but sadly it is a possibility.

The second reason I wrote this was to illustrate the injustice of the LDS court system of which Curtis and I went through.

I wasn't concerned for my salvation when facing excommunication but I told Curtis we should fight it because it was unjust because we had broken no rules.

This was illustrated with a true experience. Curtis Hartell is, of course, my Nephew Curtis Harwell. Fred was a fictional character though Curtis did have a friend who was not on the high Council with whom he did have similar conversations. David was me and Wayne as always was Wayne. The dialog was altered some for the story's sake but quite close to what happened. It's kind of a composite of both trials for Curtis and I. I was able to hear all the dialog at Curtis' trial because, even though they wouldn't let us in for most of it I put my ear on the door and heard the whole thing.

It is true that when I entered the room to testify that it looked like most of them were not paying much attention and several looked like they were about to doze off. I was indeed enraged and did grab that unabridged dictionary and threw it on the table. That was indeed a satisfying moment to see them come to attention. They were probably caught too off guard to think of throwing me out.

It is also true that Curtis was fired from his job right after the trial.

One thing that might have been good to include was that after my trial a council member came up to me and told me that it is too bad that they did not have power to put me to death as would be the case if the church had full political power.

Of course, after the trial the story of Fred is fiction but hopefully will lead to an awakening for some.

The most interesting comment I have received from this story was back in 1979. Apostle Mark E. Peterson got a copy and told me that it was inspired by the devil himself. Indeed, he did not like it at all. This story is related at: