Re: OT -- Axis Shift

2007-8-24 18:51:00

A reader writes quoting a message they received privately:

"The reason for this short message is to alert you to a situation happening right under our feet. In case you have been wondering about the reality of a earth shift you can rest assured it is no myth. With thanks to Peter Gersten for sending us the information, I invite you to look over the following website:

"It seems the earth has started tilting....

"Let us know what you think about this. We'll provide our research and thoughts in the next newsletter. You can expect it in a few days."


Something is fishy here for if there were such a shift the days here in Boise would be 24 hour sunshine in the summer with no night, and the winter would be mostly night with no day. We would also be entering an horrific ice age rather than getting warmer weather as has happened.