Re: The New One Dollar Coin

2007-8-21 11:58:00

Ruthangel wrote:

"The new one dollar coin has George Washington on one side and a shock on the other... It no longer says 'In God We Trust.' After thinking about this for a while, I remembered that about 85 percent of the American people believe in God, how can something like this happen. I wasn't asked an opinion about this, where you? Finally I arrived at what I believe to be the answer. This is the first step in removing church status in regards to exemption from Income Tax. Then the tax base will increase even more than it has already!"


Actually, "In God We Trust" is still on the coin. It is just hard to find for it is printed on the thin edge.

There was a mistake on some of the Washington coins and an unknown number was printed without the phrase. These are now collector's items and are selling at about $60 (USD) apiece on eBay. If you find one don't spend it for a dollar.