2007-8-2 04:08:00

My Friends,

We had a great time at the gathering. It was nice to see old friends and meet new faces.

Looks like you have had a lively discussion since I've been gone.

John C makes an interesting point that disciples today have an advantage over those in the past in that we are given some information about the dweller and should not be caught by such surprise as in the past. Even so we must remember that he is like the dragon with a hundred heads that was fought by Hercules and can take many forms.

I would guess that even with this knowledge that most disciples will be caught by surprise at the final battle with him. If nothing else he will be surprised with the intensity and difficulty of the encounter.

I rarely make judgments to the validity of posts of others meeting the dweller or undergoing an initiation. It is up to the seeker to discover if his experience is what he thinks it is. I deem John and members of the list in general to be honest, however, and accept experiences rendered as they are described to be. It is always possible that the category to which the experience belongs is misunderstood, but an experience is always just what one experiences.

There is one point I will make, however. The dweller does not dwell in the reactive mind, but in an astral body. Even the animals have a reactive mind, but they do not have a dweller for the dweller is created by self conscious thoughts and fears interplaying with emotional energy which is lacking in the reactive mind of animals and humans. The reactive mind can stimulate the emotions but it is not created by them. Many of the problems of the reactive mind are planted when the person is unconscious and no emotions are at play. Emotions can also trigger it.

Dean made the statement that the effect of karma is only to teach us and is not a tool for payback for past deeds. He says that the work of Ian Stevenson proves this. I have read his works and nothing in them even indicates such a thing as far I as can see. A birthmark is certainly not a punishment.

For one thing you do not just look at the last life for the seeds of your current situation. Suffering in the current one could be the payback for something six lifetimes ago. Sometimes we cannot effectively suffer the consequences of our misdeeds until a period of time has past and the right situation is created and we are strong enough to go through it and learn our lesson.

And yes, we do learn lessons in suffering the effects of karma but we learn then though cause and effect. If you steal you create a cause that ends with the effect of being stolen from in a similar manner and when you are stolen from enough you will learn not to steal.


"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints."
Revelation 13:10