The Beaver Principle

2007-7-7 01:25:00

Ash asks:

"Would someone here have an example of something 'man is more capable of performing well than is the Highest of Masters.'?"


Adam gave an excellent answer. Here is a part of it:

"How 'bout fly fishing, or lomi lomi massage, or playing tennis on grass, or giving a bikini wax without butchering the recipient, or playing strange instruments in a blue man group, or... well I think you get the idea."

I also liked Steve's answer:

"I would be very interested to see one of The Masters get to grips with my 8 year old, very emotional, daughter, LOL."

Ruth gave a quote from the archives which elaborates on what I call "The Beaver Principle."

"The highest of the Masters who have overcome physical death would see themselves polarized as a teacher in a relationship with any of us, yet they still recognize that we can do certain things better than they can. For example, most of us in the human kingdom understand that we are of much higher intelligence overall than any animal. No animal would have any concept about building an automobile or spacecraft as man has done; but on the other hand, a human can never build a beaver dam as well as a beaver. Beavers already have the knowledge to build them better and faster than we can. The relationship of the God Kingdom to man corresponds to the human kingdom and the animal."


Every kingdom has its particular talents that allow it to focus on certain abilities that that it can do better than the lives above or below it.

When we become masters we will take our attention off some of the things we do well now and learn some higher things. When this happens many of our current abilities will go below the threshold of our consciousness. We will appear to lose them, but will not lose them. Abilities that go below the threshold of consciousness are not lost, but can be quickly retrieved if attention is placed upon them.

Art writes:

The idea that our soul is some sort of angel would seem totally off base. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. It looks like another concept to take our power away and look to something outside of ourselves for answers. Truly what would be the point of the human evolution if we really have no soul just some contact with some angel that once again is outside of us. Our soul is that part of us that is eternal and carries the wisdom of our past life experiences and the agenda for this life. It is not some angel no matter how grand. Blessings,


There were several good comments on this but let me add this.

I think that if we harmonize our definition of terms that you will find yourself in agreement here.

It sounds like when you use the word soul you are thinking of the immortal part of ourselves which a Christian would call our Spirit. The closest thing to this in the lingo of the Ancient Wisdom would be the Monad, not the soul. This immortal part of yourself belongs to you and no other entity - even though it is linked to other lives.

Soul is the interplay between spirit and matter. Soul contact is achieved when the seeker learns to focus on that point between spirit and matter. This focus of attention opens a door to the higher worlds. When the seeker who understands this principle refers to "the soul" or receiving from "the soul" he can be referring to anything that comes to him through the door of the soul. Through the soul he can receive knowledge from the higher worlds or higher lives such as the Masters or his solar angel.

Jesus was speaking of solar angels when he said this:

"Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 18:10)

Each of us has a solar angel that has nurtured us as a heavenly mother and is a mediator between our monad (father in heaven) and our lower nature.


Global Warming Enlightenment:

To hear the media you'd think this country has never had a hot summer before. Boise is even getting national mention for getting up to 105 degrees.

Because of global warming bias the record cold temperatures earlier only deserved passing attention. In fact as late as a couple days ago we had four record breaking cold temperatures in the United States. They were:

July 3, 2007

Caribou, ME - 40 degrees
Salisbury, MD - 43 degrees
Williamsport, PA - 46 degrees
New Bern, NC - 59 degrees