Flat Earth Thinking

2007-6-13 06:17:00

My Friends,

Here's a letter I just sent to the local paper.

Flat Earth Thinking of 2007 (as seen from the year 2200)

1.   The absurd CO2 panic of the first part of the 21st century. On hindsight after studying several cooling cycles since that time it is now obvious that the sun and heat released from the earth's interior through underwater volcanoes in the oceans are the major causes of global warming and cooling. The CO2 influence was minimal.

2.   The belief that the release of CO2 was a threat to existence, yet these same believers fought against the three most powerful remedies - nuclear power, hydro power and drilling for more natural gas.

3.   The belief that scientific consensus engineered by bureaucrats should be believed without question when their own figures show tremendous uncertainty. For instance, the Third IPCC report of the UN predicted a sea level rise of somewhere between 4 and 35.4 inches by the end of the century. In 2007 the fourth report predicted 7-23 inches. Then to top it off the non-scientist Al Gore predicted up to 20 feet. This and other staggering gaps should have given the people or the media a clue, but the ignorance lingered until the next cooling period.