The Two Paths

1999-5-28 09:58:00

In addition to yesterday's list let me also express appreciation for the postings of Xavier, Samu, Lelona (where have you been?), Jill, Anni, Diane, Richard, Sharon, Susi, Marylin, Travis, Garrett, Sharri, Belle, Chris, BJ and others.

I probably shouldn't have started naming names because you always leave some important ones off.

Question: How does the popular emphasis on "being" instead of "becoming" distort the vision of many on the three principles?

John writes:

"You see, if I accept that I am becoming all that I decide to become, but I also realize that I operate always in this eternal moment of now, then I find myself in this moment 'being' one who is 'becoming'. In this way, I am always going to be being something at any given moment on my way to becoming whatever it is I am becoming. Does this make any sense to anyone out there? JJ. Any help here?"

The original reflection of God, which is you, or more accurately, God's concept of you, does exist in a state of being beyond time and space. Becoming exists side by side with consciousness, and consciousness is caused by our attention on time and space. Time and space exists in this world and the two worlds above us. Becoming, as we understand the term, is essential in the three worlds of form. Then, as we progress beyond these three worlds, our becoming takes a higher form. It may not seem like becoming from our point in consciousness, but there is still progression and evolution, for becoming has taken on a higher octave.

A state of being is a state of rest. In between lives we achieve "relative being", but there is still progression and therefore becoming. A pure state of being will not be achieved by us for billions of years. And even then it will be a temporary thing. Relative being, or even pure being, is merely a preparation for a greater state of becoming. Therefore, even the rest of being is movement toward greater becoming.

We can use a play on words with the "being" concept.

For instance, a student attends law school so he can BECOME a lawyer. Then, after he graduates, he is BEING a lawyer, right?

Right. But does this mean that the guy is just being and nothing else?

No. He is BEING a lawyer. This statement implies he is not moving to or moving away from attorneyship, but his title in this area is just "BEING a lawyer". When we reach a plateau such as this, we enter this state of being for a while, but we immediately switch to the next goal. Now he wants to BECOME a good layer. Thus the smart student never leaves the journey of BECOMING and never relaxes to the extent that all he does is "just BE".

The error I was trying to point out with my question is that many teachers promote the idea that to reach the highest state of evolution we must relax and "just be". Effort, they say, just gets in the way. We need to just be what we have always been, relax and let whatever happens happen. Whatever is going to happen will happen, and by making decisions or an effort to change, we just get in the way.

This philosophy does not work in this reality. This illusionary speech may sound pleasing if you do not think about it, but if you do think about it, a person would basically have to yield his power of decision to others in order to follow it.

If we follow some teachers who teach us "just to be", we would be basically going to sleep as far as life goes. We would also relinquish control over life. This way, we give up our freedom to become. This freedom to become is alive and well in all of us, and must be used to expand our souls.

Following this philosophy can delay the progression of the seeker by several lifetimes. This is a definite harm.

Following this philosophy can cause you to enter the peace of stagnation rather than the peace that passes all understanding or the peace of living and becoming waters. Therefore, true peace is not attained.

There are two paths all of us face.

(1) The path of least resistance
(2) The path of high resistance

Notice that neither path is called the path of no resistance. This is because a path of no resistance would be a state of being that is impossible and not desirable for us in this reality.

As all human lives begin their incarnations, they blindly tread the path of least resistance. If there are two choices, the entity will pick the easy choice or the path of least resistance.

This continues for many lives until soul contact is established. Around this time, the person becomes a disciple and switches paths and follows the path of high resistance.

Overcoming resistance increases becoming and growth. Thus, the disciple switches from a path of very slow growth by trial and error to accelerated growth by overcoming resistances that were before avoided, but now faced square on.


Contemplate the meaning of these two paths and how they have played out in your life. Do you always seem to take the easy path or does it seem as if you are faced with tough decisions and the result of these decisions seem to upset others beyond what seems reasonable?

Do you think that disciples on path two are often considered troublemakers? Is it any wonder that the authorities of the beast want subjects to just relax and "just be"?