Fission, Fusion & Cycles

2007-5-2 06:35:00

First, I want to thank Ash for his heartfelt post. It's an honor to have my writings considered by a "dyed in the wool Mormon."  It takes an open mind to not conform to the politically correct mindset and look outside of the box, wherever that box is.

One may think that the other guy's box should be easy to step out of but when all things are considered one box is about as difficult as another. And let me add this. Almost all those who think they have escaped the confines of "the box" are deceived and just do not understand the real box they are dealing with.

Jesus spoke wisely when he said that we should remove the sliver from our own eye before we attempt to take one from our neighbor. Correspondingly, we must free ourselves from our own box before we can see that of our neighbors or even advise him with any wisdom.

The current question is:

Where do we see the principles of fission and fusion played out in higher levels than the atoms?

The group came up with some interesting correspondences. Livs applied the principles to the healing process of homeopathy.

Woody gave an excellent post correlating the principles of fission and fusion to groups, governments and nations. I'd say that your rest away from the group must have been good for you Woody. I think this is the best post you have made, and without any feeding of the ego involved. I would recommend all to read it. Keep up the good work.

John C gave an interesting example:

"For this cause shall a man leave father and mother" (fission), "and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall be one flesh." (fusion)


All these ideas are very worthy of contemplation, but to understand the big picture I must present another principle.

Principle 36 was cycles but there is another principle within the principle itself. We will call it:

Principle 58 - The Principle of Greater and Lesser Cycles.

A good example of this is found in the warming and cooling of the earth itself.

Some scientists believe that every 11,500 years the earth undergoes a major cooling leading to ice ages of various degrees of severity. Then there is other evidence that this cycle is part of a greater cycle spanning millions of years. Within the 11,500 year cycle is a lesser climate cycle of 1,500 years of global warming which we are now passing through. Within this 1,500 year cycle are lesser cycles lasting several hundred years. In addition there are smaller cycles. For instance, from 1850 to 1940 we had a warming cycle. Then from 1940-1975 we had a cooling period. During that time alarmed scientists were predicting an ice age. Finally from 1976 to the present we have had some warming and the alarm has gone the other direction.

The final cycles in climate change are revealed in the seasons and the daily appearance and waning of the sun creating day and night.

Correspondingly we have major and minor fusion and fission events. As I said concerning the Law of Correspondences that the correlations are never exact, but I will add that the correlations fit more closely in the major cycles or repetitions than they do with the minor ones.

Fusion occurs in young atoms and fission occurs in atoms near the end of their evolution. Even so, we experience a major fusion experience first when we enter the kingdom of God and merge with other souls to produce vehicles for greater lives.

Then, far later, when we become solar angels ourselves we experience fission by nourishing several monads and creating human atoms. After the humans evolve through the essence of the solar angel the spiritual life of the angel escapes just as does the pure energy of the atom leave during fission. The humans left behind then connect with their source and progress as high initiates.

As I said, the next principle is that of Greater and Lesser Cycles. This not only includes cycles of time but repetitions in form.

Give a further example of greater and lesser cycles.

The only way most people recognize their limits is by trespassing on them.
Tom Morris