McCall Gathering 2007

2007-3-7 02:28:00

Gathering 2007

As noted earlier we have a date for the Gathering. Instead of starting Thursday or Friday we will have to start on a Saturday evening. Because the costs are so reasonable for this facility and the demand is high, we are lucky to get it at such a prime time of the year.

The 2007 Gathering will be in McCall, Idaho in the same place as the first one (2000) at the University of Idaho Field Campus on Payette Lake. It will run from 5 p.m., Saturday, July 28, 2007 to checkout time Wednesday morning August 1.

If you want to check out our first gathering in June of 2000 you can go to:

Overall costs will actually be lower than the last two gatherings. The previous cost was $299.50 for singles and $560 for couples, but this did not include food, which is a significant cost over four days. This time the food is included in the cost. The total of food, lodging and symposium will be $325 for singles and $599.50 for couples. This will include great meals in a mess hall prepared by the campus staff for all but one evening when we will go out to dine in a local restaurant. Ask anyone who attended the first gathering and they'll tell you the food was great.

Attendees will be housed in bunk beds in 4 bunkhouses. We also have reserved 4 yurts for couples and a cabin that sleeps 4. These will have a small extra cost for those interested. Blankets and linens are included in the price. The cost will also include the rental of a couple of pontoon boats where we will go boating and party on the lake for an afternoon. Sack lunches will be provided that day.

For those who would rather stay in a nearby hotel, The Hunt Lodge (208-634-4700) is available for a reasonable price at peak season compared to other motels/hotels in the area. A king bed is $124/night; a double queen is $134/night. If four people share the double queen the cost would only be $33.50 per person per night.

We will deduct $100 per person from the overall costs for those who decide to stay at a motel.

We have tried to price this so we can at least break even. Over the past seven gatherings we made a little profit a couple times but usually come very close to the break even point - sometimes within a few dollars.

I will be putting together an agenda; some of the discussions will include:

Please call Artie at 1-800-390-5687 for more detailed information and to place your reservation or write Artie at:

A fifty percent deposit will be required when you reserve and the remaining fifty percent a week before the event.