A Kingdom Divided, Part 4

2007-3-3 03:28:00

Many have swallowed the party line about business being evil, especially big business and wealthy people. Is this really the evil that the media would have us believe?

Not necessarily. There is much illusion to dispel here.

The basic illusion is caused by the operation of this principle:

When free will is minimized through tyranny and fear neither the good nor the evil within the individual is allowed demonstrate themselves. The life force and vitality of the group or nation diminishes until either the soul force dies or the tyranny overthrown and freedom restored.

When free will is maximized and the pursuit of happiness allowed then both good and evil materialize in physical reality. At first the evil seems more prominent than the good and this causes many pointing fingers and cries for force to restrict the evil. Alas, the laws that restrict the evil usually restrict the good. The true solution is to allow maximum free will and eventually the good will dominate, stability will be achieved and all aspiring individuals will joyfully pursue their dreams.

The fall of the Soviet Empire illustrates this principle. When the tyranny existed in its full glory you rarely heard much about crime, greed, evil corporations, gangs, etc. The trouble was you never heard much that was good either. The great evil of suppression of freedom in the name of preventing evil was the dominate force.

Then after the fall of the empire the world became alarmed at all the evils that seemed to be unleashed. Suddenly, in the view of all, we saw great corruption, greed, mobsters, gangs, thievery, unrest, lack of order and more. Things became so bad that many cried for a return to the old ways.

Since the fall the powers-that-be have moved back and forth and are now at a crisis point. Will the freedoms be thrown out and Russia return to repression or will they move onward toward freedom? The choice does not seem clear to many because with freedom evil is manifest as well as the good. The temptation is to always overcome evil by restricting freedom. The true path is to overcome evil with the light that is exposed through the interplay of good and evil.

The war in Iraq demonstrates this principle even more profoundly. Why? Because under Saddam Hussein (as well as religious elements) the people were even more suppressed than the inhabitants of the Soviet Empire. The greater the suppression the greater the evil that will at first manifest when that suppression is removed.

When Saddam Hussein was removed the people were afraid to move toward the good. They were so paralyzed in the past that the only advantage they could think of in freedom was to grab whatever short-term benefit they could see.

This has made progress difficult and slow, but does it mean that the benefits of freedom are beyond the reach of the people?


Allow any people their freedom and while great evil may seem to dominate for a period eventually light will come and the people will move toward the good. This will always happen within a generation if tyranny over the human spirit is restrained.

Great examples of this principle playing out are the changes that occurred in Germany, Italy and Japan after the defeat of tyranny during World War Two. Within a generation the evils that manifested after the war were held in check and much good began to dominate.

Unfortunate, the temptation to restrict freedom again is ever present. There is much truth to the statement that the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

The apparent evil that many point to in a free society is that of business, particularly big business. From my experience small businesses have as many faults as big business. The only difference is that bigger businesses have a larger influence in our lives.

So what is the major complaint against big business?

Most of them center around greed, but here's the problem. Over 99% of the people of the entire world are more greedy than they should be. People just have not evolved to the point where they can work with a completely altruistic motive.

The only way to take away the effects of greed is to take away freedom. The reality is this. If we are going to be a free people we must let greed manifest where it will and then work toward diminishing the greed through our own examples and allowing the enlightened to teach the benefits of overcoming unnecessary greed.

The most often cited example for greed is the big oil companies. Whenever the price of gas goes up they are accused of gouging the people and the average person seems to have set beliefs that the oil people are the most evil and greedy people on the earth.

Then there are the medical businesses where the government has stepped in and attempted to restrict greed and has tried to make things fair by its various restrictions of freedom and regulation within the industry.

Now the strange thing is that we hear many more complaints toward big oil than we do toward big medical or big hospital. When we look at the facts we see the irony here and how deceived the people are in the direction of complaints.

In 1958, at the age of 13, I was injured by an explosion of a homemade rocket. This placed me in the hospital for a month. Over several years I had six operations and spent over three months of total hospitalization.

My hospital room in 1958 was $8.00 a day and the price of gas was 39.9 cents a gallon.

Today the price of gas where I live is about $2.20 a gallon and a day in the hospital is around $1400.

Let us suppose that the government interfered with big oil as much as they have with big medical. If gas had risen in price as much as a hospital room then we would be paying a whopping $69.83 per gallon.

Did you hear that? That's approximate 70 (seventy) dollars a gallon!

I find it absolutely amazing that people complain more about big oil than they do about the spiraling medical costs. This is an illusion that does not have to be if a few basic facts are absorbed by the brain.

The truth is that big oil should receive a pat on the back for not being more greedy and holding the price as low as it is.

Just imagine how much easier life would be for those who need medical attention if hospital costs only increased as much as gasoline. This would mean you could get a hospital room as cheap as $45 a day. Wow!

To be continued...


Global Warming Enlightenment:

According to the Greenhouse Theory, more CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere will trap more of the Earth's own radiated heat, warming the lower atmosphere and ultimately the surface of the planet - all other things being equal. But the fact that the Earth's temperature has warmed only slightly since 1940, despite the huge clouds of greenhouse gases emitted from human activities, provides evidence that the human greenhouse effect must be so small that it presents little threat to the planet or its people. This is especially true if the current CO2 levels have already used up almost all of that trace gas's ability to heat our planet. (Each additional increment of CO2 causes less warming.)
Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1,500 Years
By S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery,
Page 36


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