Inconvenient Facts

2007-2-19 00:43:00

My Friends,

Here is an article I wrote for the local paper. I thought I would share it with you.

Inconvenient Facts

As I read Jerry Brady's article on global warming I was thankful that he was not elected governor. It looks like he swallows the party line of the global warming crowd with no critical thought whatsoever.

He is absolutely wrong on the idea that the "debate is over." The debate on man's part of the global warming equation is far from over. It is just beginning.

Why is it just beginning? Because the unbiased scientists of the world, and those who know the truth, have been asleep whereas those who practice the politics of fear have been kept awake day and night by illusionary nightmares and have worked tirelessly to spread their virus.

First, let us make it clear that both sides agree that the earth has warmed somewhat and may continue to warm. Most ground studies show that it has warmed around .6 to .8 degrees C in the last 100 years. Satellite measurements, which are not corrupted by the hot spots of population centers, record about half that amount.

So we have had an actual warming of somewhere between .3 and .8 Degrees. Even the highest estimate is not an abnormal amount and is in harmony with the last warming cycle which occurred between 950 - 1300AD.

The fact that the earth is warming is not the issue. Advocates try to make this the issue in an attempt to make skeptics look like the flat earth society. The issue is how much of the warming that may happen in the future could be man made, and is man's contribution such a danger that we need to sacrifice our economy and standard of living to counter it?

Brady says "the earth is warming dangerously because of human activity, not natural cycles."

To deny that there are natural cycles in warming and cooling that are ever present is mind boggling to anyone who has looked at the studies. This would be the first time in the history of the over 4 billion year old planet that cycles have had no effect. The sun, the earth and all planets go through natural warming and cooling. Even in this century we have had both occur. Between 1850 and 1940 we had a warming period and then from 1940 until 1975 temperatures declined to the extent that activists were demanding action to prevent an ice age. The fact that the last cooling cycle happened when there was much more CO2 released by man than the previous warming cycle proves that natural cycles were involved.

There are a number of cycles and cycles within cycles of warming and cooling. A significant cycle that has repeated itself approximately over the last million years covers a period of 1500 years. This is well documented in the book "Unstoppable Global Warming - Every 1500 Years."  This was written by Fred Singer and Dennis Avery. Singer, a skeptical climate physicist, (that the media wants us to believe does not exist) is one of the many scientists who do not buy the party line on global warming.

Unless one has a religious mindset toward global warming, after reading this, he will never trust the "consensus" of the politically minded again when they speak of science.

According to Singer, and many others, we are in a natural cycle of warming and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. In fact history tells us that the warm cycles were much more pleasant and productive for human, animal and vegetable life than the cold periods. If one doubts this he might just ask how the California citrus growers and others experiencing record cold benefited from the recent cooling period.