Comments to BJ

1999-5-21 09:55:00

BJ asks:

"I am a little confused about this list! Is it the Keys of Knowledge list? Or is it a list for JJ?"

You ask this as if you are wondering if the list is dedicated to my personality, as if maybe the group is discovering what my favorite colors are, which foods I like, and so on.

The list does not revolve around my personality and I go out of my way to avoid this. It does revolve around keys of knowledge that I teach. There are twelve major keys of knowledge and numerous minor ones that we call principles.

I know that when a teacher admits that he is a teacher and is honest enough to say he has something to teach, then there are many who become fit to be tied, for they "judge" this to be wrong and do all they can to prove the teacher is in the ego, all the while teaching others how wrong it is to judge.

To find where I am coming from, here, you should read the first couple postings I made about the student-teacher relationship.

You can find them at :

You state: "My mind is open and I am not here for a list with one person's opinions, monopolizing all."

This list is not a forum for my "opinions". I do not think that anyone who has been with us for any length of time believes this. All of us on the list are free to give any opinion we desire however, without apology.

One of the main purposes of my participation on this list is to teach others what I have personally learned about soul and higher spiritual contacts, so points of truth can be registered. When the teacher and the student both touch the soul together, they become one through the soul, and the teacher and student become as one in the vision of the truth and share their joy together.

Anni was a great expression of this in her last post as she registered a new truth in her soul, the results of her own searching.

I do not believe that the members of the list see me as horning in and monopolizing things that in any way interferes with freedom of expression. If any feel this way, who have been with us long enough to have a feel as to where we are going, I would like to hear from you.

BJ continues: "I respect all views, and would like my own option, to use the delete button when I choose."

No one on the list will object to you doing this.

BJ: "I believe all truths can be useful, and will question for myself."

Great! This has been a strong emphasis on this list from the beginning.

BJ: "I also would like to say that I also desire to look deeper into the intent of J J's writings. I feel the book, on its own, has merit. I also feel there are some ego issues lurking, and J J, I am not trying to be rude. It's just a feeling, that I will be glad to have dispelled."

The intent of my writings is to elevate the human spirit and perhaps stimulate a few in the direction of the kingdom of God.

As far as my ego that you are seeing... How would you have me dispel it? Should I just declare "I am not in the ego!"?

No. That would not work. All I can do is be myself and follow the impulses of my soul and let you judge. I do my best to operate in the soul free from the ego, but only God knows my standing there. One thing I will never do, however, is to let the fear of being seen in the ego deter me assisting others along the path.

The eternal law is this: Before your inner teacher will extend a helping hand to lift you higher, you must be willing to do the same for others who are struggling to find the point in the path that you have arrived at. The teacher must be willing to feed with knowledge until student is equal to him. To be willing to lift the student up to equality demands the setting aside of the ego for the teacher.