Bailey 101

2006-12-20 05:09:00

I thought I would wrap up this discussion on Alice A. Bailey by making a few comments.

First I want to make it clear that there is no demand or expectation that anyone accept the Bailey writings as gospel to be in good standing on this list. All it takes to be in good standing on this list is to be considerate and abide by the basic rules.

The Bailey writings are not for everyone. In fact DK [Djwhal Khul] says this several times and indicates that the main people he is writing to are a handful of disciples who will take what he says and filter it down to the consciousness of seekers so it can be assimilated. This is what I have tried to do with much of his material. He says that many other seekers and intellectuals will glean some helpful information from them.

He also says that if it feels like you are not assimilating much continue reading anyway and after a while things will start fitting together. I found this to be invaluable advice for when I started reading the books I wondered if I was absorbing much but continued and eventually everything starting making more sense.

I remember when I first bought my first Bailey book. I read a few pages and it didn't take long to come across several things that went against my belief system. I also found it very difficult to read, but I sensed a high intelligence there. I put the book back on my shelf and it was about eight years later that I finally got around to reading some more. When I finished the complete book on White Magic I was hooked and determined to read and understand all the books.

On the other hand, the Bailey books are not the only ones I had difficulty plowing through and understanding. The Book of Isaiah and Revelations are equally obtuse, yet when studied they turn out to be the most profound writings in the Bible, except for the words of Jesus.

Dennis made a reference to trance channelers. Bailey did not go into a trance when receiving the material from DK. Trance channelers usually receive from the astral world, often from entities that know less than earthly teachers. A Master communicates to a disciple while both are in full consciousness using impression or mental telepathy.


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