2006-11-8 06:12:00

Thanks Mindy for making the post updating us on the situation with the Alice A. Bailey [AAB] writings. I figured that Netnews must have had some type of permission from Lucis Trust since all their writings are copyrighted. I am surprised they waited years before they took some type of action.

It has indeed been a great advantage to have all the DK [Djwhal Khul] writings readily available for students, but few companies or organizations will risk their livelihood in the interests of serving humanity, so this move on their part is something that should be expected if permission is not obtained

I think that if Lucis Trust did this right that they could use the web page as a promotional tool and possibly create an increase in sales.

It is interesting that DK expressed interest in making his writings as accessible as possible. He also expressed interest in making mailing lists of students available so they could contact each other, but the mailing list of Lucis Trust is not available in any fashion, making it difficult for scattered students to make contact and work together.

Fortunately, due to the Web, a handful of them meet here and there.

I notice the writings are still at Netnews. At one time they had all the Alice A. Bailey writings available as a single download, but I don't see it there now. If anyone does find it there please post the reference. If you have all the writings downloaded on your computer you can then perform your own searches.

If you do not have all the writings downloaded you can buy them all on a CD Rom with search features from Lucis Trust. The cost is $125.00. I bought one of these myself when it first came out and have found it invaluable.

I was surprised to hear that the sales of the books have been so slow, but the writer made an interesting point that you do not see many Alice A. Bailey books in bookstores these days. I checked with Amazon and noted that the sales rank of most the books are 250,000 or greater. No wonder they are clamping down. They are probably having a difficult time paying the rent.

It's kind of sad to see these great books overlooked by New Age consumers and the somewhat frivolous or light weight books that do sell.

I have a favor to ask the group. I need some reviews posted for my new book, "Eternal Words" on Amazon. If those of you who are willing can go to Amazon and post a review it would be greatly appreciated. The easiest way to get to the book is to go to the search feature at amazon.com and type in the two words -- "Dewey" and "Eternal." That should take you to the correct link. Thanks.


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