The Vote

2006-11-7 04:59:00

Jason writes:

I know a while back JJ was writing a book on politics...something like "Things Dividing America?"

Was this completed? Where can I find it?

I think I remember it started with the meaning of liberal and conservative.

I thought it would be timely to review his writings before the elections.

What happened is that I started the book on Revelations and the political book at the same time. The idea was to alternate in writing between the two books. After some time of doing this I decided that such alternation, which required such a change in consciousness, was a distraction. Since it takes intense focus to come up with interpretation to Revelation that harmonizes with my soul I thought I would finish this book and then switch back to the political one.

I plan on getting back to the political book soon.

And speaking of politics, today is Election Day. It may seem to many that our vote does not count, but it is the one decision the common people can make in relation to their government so all should exercise this privilege as long as you know enough about the issues to know what you are voting for. Unfortunately, many vote for candidates or their party and have little knowledge of what they really stand for.

There is one big illusion in circulation that I would like to see dispelled and that is this:

Many think they are making an intelligent move by voting for the candidate instead of the party. This can still be a good idea in local and state politics but it is fairly meaningless in national elections.

It matters not how virtuous, how good looking, or what the candidate promises, you are not really voting for him any more. When he goes to Washington he will tap into the group thought form and vote with the party 99% of the time on important issues. If he doesn't he will not get on any committees or get support for reelection and will be fairly powerless.

Like it or not, the question is not which candidate is the better of the two, but which party do you want to have in power?

For many people the question to consider is:  Who is going to give us the most stuff?

For others it is:  Who is going to allow me to get the most stuff by my own efforts?

There are other issues but the above two simple questions strike at the core of the division in politics and usually determine the elections.

Study the two parties my friends and vote for the candidates in the one in national contests that will represent your views. Locally and statewide, consider the person.

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.
Ronald Reagan