The Tower of Babel

1999-5-11 16:35:00

Welcome Susi. Nice web site.

Yes, the Molecular Relationship has been accomplished on some other worlds and also exists among the Masters on this one.

John wants to know my opinion about the gathering at the tower of Babel. There is a key verse illustrating the principle of the gathering in this story: "The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them." The people gathered in one place and had one language and this caused that all things became possible for them.

There is a legend of that period that the Gods were jealous of man, so they scattered him so he could not compete with them. Another interpretation is that they were building a spacecraft to "reach heaven", and man was not yet ready for this.

One thing that illustrates the power of the gathering is the development of the Atomic Bomb. This was created by the gathering together in one place of the greatest scientists in the world.

The standard interpretation is that the tower of Babel took man's attention away from God, that they should reach heaven through God and not through other means. It also showed a lack of faith in God's promise to not flood the earth again.

There is another gathering mentioned in the Bible that was approved by God, and that was the gathering of the Israelites out of Egypt. As we read, this was accompanied by numerous miracles. The gathering was not very successful, because the higher teachings that Moses brought down were destroyed, because the people were not ready for them.

Now, the Bible predicts that a similar occurrence shall occur again on a higher level, and the great miracles and occurrences shall be repeated again in our age with some differences. This time, the people will be ready for the higher teachings.

Question: In addition to the Molecular Relationship, can you think of other gatherings in our history that stimulated the evolution of the race?