2006-6-28 00:15:00

I posted this yesterday and it seemed to get lost in the ethers. Here it is again. JJ


But to JJ, my brother, I would ask what is your intent here with the Keysters? The lower love causes you to desire a comfortable environment where everybody gets along.

If you have followed this list the past 8 years you would know beyond any doubt that this is absolutely false. There's been plenty of conflict allowed here. When members feel their rights are being trampled upon and complain to me it is only then that I usually act and stop the beast from unjustly controlling the majority.


The higher love realizes that initiates will come thru and have disrupting effect on the comfort of the group.

Initiates are usually less disruptive than average in an environment like this. Beginners are usually the difficult ones.


Is your intent to have a small comfortable group, or to facilitate the development of those seeking to initiate?

For this group, neither.


Obviously some balance has to be found or you quash initiation among students seeking to do so (by focusing on the lower love exclusively) or you risk the disintegration of the group (by focusing on the higher love exclusively).

No initiation has been hampered. I am not focusing on any lower love. There is no risk of group disintegration.


Go back in your memory and place yourself in the Bishop's shoes who knew that you were a disruptive influence in his ward.

Outside of several mischievous things I did when I was a kid, that had nothing to do with initiating, I was never disruptive in the church during the 20 years I was an active member. My various Bishops thought I was a cooperative member who was always supportive.

I realized that it would do more harm than good to disrupt just to show how brilliant I was.


You knew that you were correct yet the Bishop choose to place the comfort and lower unity of the ward above your decision to think new ideas and share them with others. I'm guessing but you probably think that he could have been more tolerant of your free-thinking than he was.

You are seeing this entirely backwards. I had a good relationship with all of my leaders. This continued until the day I was excommunicated. On the Sunday morning I was thrown out I taught a class and all in my ward thought I was as supportive as ever. That evening a High Council called on order of the authorities in Salt Lake held a trial and learned that my thoughts (not actions) were not in harmony with the Prophet and threw me out. All my local leaders and friends were flabbergasted because I was very cooperative.


Dean is in your shoes back in 1979.

He is not. Dean and I approach a classroom with 180 degrees of separation. Unless someone directly insults me I will try and add positive input to a class. If I want to teach something that would be disruptive I would do it away from someone else's classroom out of respect.


He is faced with a group, and is thinking new ideas and sharing them with those who will listen.

He is rehashing old ideas that old timers are tired of being recirculated here.


You are the bishop. Question: Is it possible for you to be less heavy-handed than the bishop was?

My Bishops were not heavy-handed.


Recognizing Dean as a man trying to initiate something.

And what would he be trying to initiate? This is not a list to initiate. The purpose of this list is to learn. Once a person feels he wants to initiate he should go somewhere besides this list and do it.


AND recognizing that the Keysters will not be destabilized very much even if Dean continues in the way he has been.

I talked to a number of people at the gathering, many of whom do not post, and they are tired of Dean's distraction. Some say they do not even read my posts if they are in reply to Dean's challenging arguments. For the good of the group it's time to return to the class that they came here for.


Its a balance. Initiation destablizes (because of the new ideas and learning errors of those trying to do it) but it results in a strategic advantage in more initiates becoming trained. If you catch his vision, seeing that it is similar in intent to your own when you started, I think that both your goals and Dean's goals can be better meshed.

An initiate can destabilize, but most who are disruptive are not initiates and most disruption has nothing to do with initiation. An initiate does not need to draw attention by jumping on the back of another teacher. He can stand on his own as a center of energy and draw those of similar vibration to him.