Re: Bye Keysters

2006-6-27 20:54:00

Dean wrote:

I wish you all well but I am tired of this list been moderated in such a restrictive fashion. Expecially with constant boasting that is free of the mark of The Beast, when it isn't.

This is a ridiculous statement. Dean has made hundreds of posts since he came here and I believe we have rejected a grand total of two. And even these were not rejected because of any fear of another point of view but because he refuses to stay on topic and move away from the boring material that has been rehashed many times.


The purpose of the list is to gather people who agree with JJs philosophy. Rather than to gather true truth seekers. When the teacher does not have the required discernment. It's time to leave.

So discernment from your point of view means to recognize that you are the true truth seeker and all the others who plead with me to get back on topic are wrong.

To insist that the majority go against their will and listen to arguments unrelated to the purpose of this list is much closer to the beast than anything you have thrown out against others here.