Those Who Sing

1999-5-6 09:57:00

I do not have time to give a major response to Angela's comments on the Song of the 144,000 and I do not think that most of those on the list feel that one is needed.


Because those who say the Song regularly know and feel that it is good and uplifting. We who sing the Song, within our souls can sense that the wording is good, and does not in any way take away the free will of others.

I like Zina's statement on the Song. Even though she disagrees with me as a person from time to time she shares in the benefits of the Song:

"I love the song of the 144,000. I love the union that occurs on this list when done together. The love has grown since that occurred. The energy has increased as though a whole octave jump since that time. When this occurs (and I don't know the scientific explanation here) the increase in energy is bringing up everything that cannot resonate with love of the higher frequency, so some fall asleep, some have multiple confrontations out of nowhere, and some dance and sing and laugh faster, almost like being hyped or drunk on energy. And some reach a profounder state of being, greater clarity, and meetings with their 'family' on other levels. It is magnificent and we will integrate this magnificent energy."

You cannot take the free will of another, even if you wanted to, by sending the aspects of God toward mankind or friends as a gift. Because we have free will we can always accept or reject the gift.

The fact that we cooperate with God in sending light and love and power cannot interfere with free will, because God does not interfere with free will and if His/Her/Its attributes are truly reflected, then free will is only enhanced.

Because we are reflections of God (or made in the image of God) we are also agents of the Light and Love and Power of God. As such, we do not just declare or wait around for the Will of God to manifest. If there is some great being outside of ourselves that is all powerful, then anything we declare would have no effect on that Will. But as reflections of God, we cooperate in the Will of God and become agents in helping to manifest the great Plan on the earth.

Angela declares the Song interferes with free will. If I had this mindset, I could find fault with even the Lord's Prayer. Jesus said: "Thy kingdom come."
I could say that Jesus was wrong here, because some do not want the kingdom to come and it should not be forced upon them.

Jesus said: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Well what about those who want things to continue as they are? Perhaps we should leave this part of the prayer out.

"Give us this day our daily bread." Jesus should have said Give "me" my daily bread. After all, some of us are allergic to bread and do not want bread forced upon us.

"Lead us not into temptation..." Well maybe I like a little temptation. Maybe I don't like Jesus forcing me away from temptation.

When you think of it, these are silly criticisms aren't they?

As Zina said, these are gifts, and a gift does not restrict free will. God has created the sun to warm us by day and the moon to lighten us by night, but have you heard anyone complain that these two celestial gifts were forced upon us?

I think not. If we do not like the sun or the moon, we can hide in a cave.

If a person wanted to, he could take any prayer, affirmation, or song of good intent, and find fault with the wording.

If an affirmation is incorrect, it can lead into illusion, but to lose free will one has to give away his power to one who assumes the place of the inner God, as we talked out when discussing the "Beast".

You will remember from the book that we are told that only the 144,000 can sing the song. Those who are not ready may try it for a while, but will drop it or lose interest. Then there are others who will quit singing it by changing the meaning through altering the words.

Changing the word "Father" to God, Father/Mother God, Allah, or whatever is most sacred in the seeker's mind, does not change the meaning. A Jew who does not accept Christ could change that wording to the "Son of God" and the meaning would still be the same. But if one substitutes "love" for "will", or will for "power", or something of this order, then the meaning becomes changed and the song is no longer being sung in harmony. It is then like the wrong notes are being played in a song. It also corresponds to one in a choir who is singing different notes. It just does not work.

All have free will to repeat any affirmation they desire, even to alter this song in private if desired. But no one, either morally or by the laws of the land, has power to publish a version of the song with altered meaning without permission.