2006-5-20 23:45:00

Dean quotes DK:

"I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words in order to create a certain impression; I construct a thought-form which, when dynamic enough, can impress the brain of a transmitting agent, such as yourself."

Dean asks the question:

If those above want to teach us and serve us so badly. They should telepathically send the message. Instead of teaching in words as stated above.

Even DK states it will become easier and more clearer when telepathy is used. But this begs the question. Why does he and other masters not use it to teach us? When they supposedly clearly have the power to do this.

Does not make sense.

What makes you think they have the power to do this on any scale? A disciple must expand his consciousness into the intuitive world before he can correctly receive the telepathy he mentioned above. The telepathy he speaks of is not just the transmission of words, but of ideas and principles. If a disciple either reads words in a book or receives mere words by telepathy it is the same. The higher telepathy he mentions is the transmission of the ideas behind the words. Only when this higher method is used can the message be received without distortion.

This type of communication would be wasted on most people, even many disciples for they know not how to receive them or interpret them. First, the disciple must practice receiving from his own soul and then correctly interpret. Then the master can use the disciple's soul as a medium of transmission.

Alice A. Bailey is a good example of one who progressed toward being able to receive higher telepathy. When they first started their work DK transmitted the actual words to the books. Then as Alice A. Bailey became more sensitive to DK's mind the transmission process was refined and instead of receiving the individual words she received through the Oneness Principle in the language of principles and concepts, and ideas came to her mind first. Then after the concept was formed in her mind they worked together in creating the English words as a vehicle of the expression.

I have received a lot of material through the Oneness Principle and when received the understanding is extremely clear. But then when it is placed in words a distortion occurs that can only be corrected by the reader interpreting through that same Oneness Principle.

As mankind progresses, more and more seekers will become refined receivers and there will be less need for words yet more understanding of basic concepts.

The principle of speech will, in the far future, be used more as a means of creation than communication, as communication by other means will precede speech.

Sophie moved closer to the image [The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci]. The woman to Jesus' right was young and pious-looking, with a demure face, beautiful red hair, and hands folded quietly. "Who is she?" Sophie asked. "That, my dear," Teabing replied, "is Mary Magdalene."
--The Da Vinci Code