Aquarian Gospel and Judas

2006-4-10 01:22:00

My Friends,

I have gathered pertinent scriptures from the Aquarian Gospel that sheds more light on Judas. These are beautifully written and quite interesting.

I am sending this as I am in the middle of watching the Gospel of Judas on the National Geographic Channel.


25 Ischariot and his son, whose name was Judas, were employed by
Matthew and were at the tribute house.
26 And Jesus said to Judas, Stay your work; the masters call us to a
duty in the savings bank of souls; I go and you may follow me. and
Judas followed him.

AS Jesus taught, a man stood forth and said, Rabboni, may I speak?
2 And Jesus said, Say on. And then the man spoke out and said,
3 A storm upon the sea last night wrecked many fishing boats, and
scores of men went down to death, and lo, their wives and children
are in need;
4 What can be done to help them in their sore distress?
5 And Jesus said, A worthy plea. You men of Galilee, take heed. We
may not bring again to live these men, but we can succour those who
looked to them for daily bread.
6 You stewards of the wealth of God, an opportunity has come; unlock
your vaults; bring forth your hoarded gold; bestow it with a lavish
7 This wealth was laid aside for just times as these; when it was
needed not, lo, it was yours to guard;
8 But now it is not yours, for it belongs to those who are in want,
and if you give it not you simply bring upon your heads the wrath of
9 It is not charity to give to those who need; it is but honesty; it
is but giving men their own.
10 Then Jesus turned to Judas, one of the twelve, who was the
treasurer of the band, and said,
11 Bring forth our treasure box; the money is not ours now; turn
every farthing to the help of those in such distress.
12 Now, Judas did not wish to give the money all to those in want,
and so he talked with Peter, James and John.
13 He said, Lo, I will save a certain part and give the rest; that
surely is enough for us, for we are strangers to the ones in want; we
do not even know their names.
14 But Peter said, Why, Judas, man, how do you dare to think to
trifle with the strength of right?
15 The Lord has spoken true; this wealth does not belong to us in
face of this distress, and to refuse to give it is to steal.
16 You need not fear; we will not come to want.
17 Then Judas opened up the treasure box and gave the money all.
18 And there was gold and silver, food, and raiment in abundance for
the needs of the bereaved.

2 In honour of the Christine Lord he gave a feast, and Lazarus was
among the guests, and Ruth and Martha served.
3 And as the guests reclined about the table, Mary took a cruse of
rich perfume and poured it out on Jesus' head and feet.
4 And then she knelt and with her hair she wiped his feet; the odour
of the rich perfume filled all the room.
5 Now, Judas, always looking at the selfish side of life, exclaimed,
For shamed, why did you waste that costly perfume thus?
6 We might have sold it for three hundred pence, and had the money
to supply our wants and feed the poor.
7 (Now, Judas was the treasurer, and carried all the money of the
Christine band.)
8 And others said, Why, Mary, what a profligate you are! You should
not throw such wealth away.
9 But Jesus said, You men, be still; let her alone; you know not what you say.
10 The poor are with you constantly; at any time you can administer
to them; but I will not be with you long.
11 And Mary knows the sadness of the coming days; she has anointed
me beforehand for my burial.

18 And Ananias said, I have a plan that will succeed. The twelve
with Jesus every day go forth alone to pray;
19 And we will find their trysting place; then we can seize the man
and bring him here without the knowledge of the multitudes.
20 I know one of the twelve, a man who worships wealth, and for a
sum I think that he will lead the way to where the man is wont to
21 And then Caiaphas said, If you will lead the way and bribe the
man of whom you speak, to aid in seizing Jesus in a secret place,
then we will give to you a hundred silver pieces for your hire.
22 And Ananias said, 'Tis well.
23 And then he went to Bethany and found the twelve at Simon's house
and, calling Judas to the side he said,
24 If you would care to make a sum of money for yourself hear me:
25 The high priest and other rulers in Jerusalem would like to talk
with Jesus when alone, that they may know about his claims;
26 And if he proves himself to be the Christ, lo, they will stand in
his defence.
27 Now, if you will but lead the way to where your master is
tomorrow night that they may send a priest to talk with him alone,
there is a sum of silver, thirty pieces, that the priests will give
to you:
28 And Judas reasoned with himself; he said, It surely may be well
to give the Lord a chance to tell the priests about his claims when
he is all alone.
29 And if the priests would do him harm he has the power to
disappear and go his way as he has done before; and thirty pieces is
a goodly sum.
30 And so he said to Ananias, I will lead the way, and by a kiss
make known which person is the Lord.

27 And then they ate the pasch and as they ate, the master said,
Behold, for one of you will turn away this night and will betray me
into wicked hands.
28 And the disciples were amazed at what he said; they looked into
each other's face in wonderment; they all exclaimed, Lord, is it I?
29 And Peter said to John, who sat beside the Lord, To whom does he refer?
30 And John put forth his hand and touched the master's hand and
said, Which one of us is so depraved as to betray his Lord?
31 And Judas said, Lord, is it I?
32 And Jesus said, He is the one who now has put his hand with mine
into the dish. They looked, and Judas' hand was with the hand of
Jesus in the dish.
33 And Jesus said, The Prophets cannot fail; the son of man must be
betrayed, but woe to him who shall betray his Lord.
34 And from the table Judas rose at once; his hour had come.
35 And Jesus said to him, Do quickly what you are to do. And Judas
went his way.
58 And then again he went back to the three, and still they slept.
he said to John.
59 With all the love you have for me, could you not watch with me a
single hour?
60 And then he said, It is enough; the hour has come, and my
betrayer is at hand; arise and let us go.
61 And when they came again to Kidron, lo, the eight disciples were
asleep, and Jesus said, You men, awake; behold, for the betrayer of
the son of man is come.

THE Lord with the eleven were in the orchard of Massalian, and as
they talked they saw a band of men with lanterns and with swords and
clubs approaching them.
2 And Jesus said, Behold the emissaries of the evil one! and Judas
leads the way.
3 And the disciples said, Lord, let us flee to save our lives.
4 But Jesus said, Why should we flee to save our lives when this is
the fulfilment of the words of prophets and of seers?
5 And Jesus went alone to meet the men; and as they came he said,
Why are you here, you men? whom do you seek?
6 And they replied, We seek the man from Galilee. We seek for Jesus,
one who calls himself the Christ.
7 And Jesus answered, Here am I.
8 And then he raised his hands and with a mighty thought he brought
the ethers to the state of light; and all the orchard was aglow with
9 The frenzied men were driven back and many fled and tarried not
until they reached Jerusalem; and others fell upon their faces on the
10 The bravest men, and they with hardest hearts, remained, and when
the light had paled, the Lord again inquired, Whom do you seek?
11 And Ananias said, We seek the man from Galilee; we seek for
Jesus, he who calls himself the Christ.
12 And Jesus answered him and said, I told you once before; but now
I tell you once again that I am he.
13 By Ananias, Judas stood; but in a moment he had gone and coming
up behind the Lord he said, My Lord; and then he kissed him as a sign
that he was Jesus whom they sought.
14 And Jesus said, Do you, Iscariot, come and thus betray your
master with a kiss?
15 This thing must need be done; but woe to him who does betray his Lord.
16 Your carnal greed has seared your conscience and you know not
what you do; but in a little time your conscience will assert itself,
and in remorse, lo, you will close your span and take your life.
17 Then the eleven came, laid hold of Judas and would have done him
harm; but Jesus said,
18 You must not harm this man; you have no right to judge this man;
his conscience is his judge, will sentence him and he will execute
19 And then the mob led on by Malchus, servant of Caiaphas, laid
hold of Jesus, and was binding him with chains.

NOW, Judas who betrayed his Lord, was with the mob; but all the time
he thought that Jesus would assert his power and demonstrate the
strength of God that he possessed, and strike to earth the fiendish
multitudes and free himself;
2 But when he saw his master on the ground and bleeding from a score
of wounds, he said,
3 O God, what have I done? I have betrayed the son of God; the curse
of God will rest upon my soul.
4 And then he turned and ran with haste until he reached the temple
door; he found the priests, who gave to him the thirty silver pieces
to betray the Lord, and said,
5 Take back your bribe; it is the cost price of my soul; I have
betrayed the son of God.
6 The priests replied, That matters not to us.
7 Then Judas threw the silver on the floor, and, bowed with grief,
he went away, and on a ledge beyond the city's walls he hanged
himself and died.
8 In time the fastenings gave way, his body fell into the Hinnon
vale and after many days they found it there a shapeless mass.
9 The rulers could not put the price of blood into the treasury, and
so they took the thirty silver pieces with which they bought a
potter's field,
10 Where they might bury those who had no rights to lie within their
sacred grounds.
11 And there they put the body of the man who sold his Lord.

5 And Peter said, the Lord called to this ministry twelve men as
twelve foundation stones on which the Christine temple should be
6 This Judas who betrayed his Lord, has gone to his own place beyond the veil.
7 Of him the prophet wrote: His habitation shall be desolate; no man
shall dwell therein; his office let another take.