2006-4-4 05:31:00

Several have commented on Ruth's progress on the Keys. I am happy to agree with this. She has been plodding away like the tortoise that beats the hare and people are taking notice, even some she offended in the past. She also deserves credit for her quotes she gives us every day. I know a lot of people appreciate this service. It was started by Bryan and well carried on by her.

John C is another who has improved himself. Not only is his writing improved over the years, but since he has returned to the list after a significant absence there is an improved vibration to him. He seems more humble and approachable.

Many never thought I would say this but Woody has recently adjusted quite well to the group. I haven't had to reject one of his posts for some time now. We always saw some great native intelligence and now it seems he is channeling it toward group purpose. I think a lot of people appreciate this.

NS is a driven soul who is continually searching and sooner or later will find all.

Those of you who do not post so often are also appreciated and noticed and we also appreciate the silent support of the many lurkers.

Ruth quotes me as follows:

It (the inner voice) does tell me to be concerned over the threat of the extinction and of civilization and to do all in my power to prevent it.

Then she asks:

Could you please expand on this above sentence, as I'm not sure exactly what you mean by it?

The quote has a typo in it. It should read: It (the inner voice) does tell me to be concerned over the threat of the extinction of civilization and to do all in my power to prevent it.

I am not saying that humans or animals will become extinct but that civilization is threatened. If we had a full scale atomic war or used other WMDs it is possible that civilization as we know it could be destroyed as it has been several times in the past. We could lose all of our technology and be forced back into tribal living and again go through the stages of evolving a civilization.

If such destruction did come we would regain our technology faster this time because in this round humanity has gained its progress on its own with minimal help from higher lives. We could be back where we are now in a thousand years rather than 10,000 years.

It is the goal of the spiritual hierarchy that we enter into the age of peace without destroying civilization so we can use the advances of humanity for our good. This way the human race can live in a period of much needed abundance and harmony to bring a rest to their souls. Technology can also free our hands from excessive labor in earning a living so we can have more time to concentrate on creative and spiritual activities.

It is most probable that civilization will remain intact as we progress into the new age, but its foundations will be shaken. Calamities of weather, earthquakes, disturbances will come to the extent that some will fear the end is near, but major earth changes will be held back until the gathering of lights is initiated. If disciples do their part the lights will have a safe haven from future disasters and be ready to claim the new lands that will eventually manifest.

Behind this mask is a man, and behind this man is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof. V From the Movie