The Founder

2006-3-15 00:08:00

Thanks for the review Rick.

It's been some time now - over seven years - and some may not be aware of how the Keys began, but Rick is indeed the founder of this list. He read the book and was enthusiastic about starting a forum. I thought at the time it would be a good idea for the future, after I got some more books written, but told him to go ahead anyway - that I may just post once in a while. I suggested the name Keys of Knowledge and then he came up with the "Keysters" tag for us.

When my wife learned of the plan she said, "You won't be able to just post once in a while." Well it turns out she was correct. I was drawn into teaching pretty much on a daily basis.

The result has had positive and negative effects, but mostly positive I believe. The negative is that I have not gotten as much written on the Immortal series as I planned. The positive is that I have gotten much more material written through the Keys than I would have if I had concentrated on the books. Some of the material I have given out was planned for future books, but a lot of it is material that would have not been presented through them.

I receive a lot of appreciation from people who read the archives and I think many of the writings will stand the test of time. For generations to come many will be glad that Rick prodded me to agree to a forum such as this.