Arcane School

2006-2-19 10:09:00

Surudaeast7 writes:

I have for a long time been considering joining up with them (Arcane School) and learning what they have to teach. As you know, the Arcane School was begun by AAB to train people to be disciples of the Hierarchy, to attain cosmic consciousness, to be servers of the world, to control energies, to develop spiritually etc. etc.

The AAB/DK books are excellent, but let's be honest; they are not the easiest books in the world to understand. From what I read about it, a lot of what the Arcane School teaches is from the books, and since they are the official publishers of the books, they must know how it is to be taught and understood.

Has anyone here had any experience with the Arcane School? JJ, what do you think or know about the Arcane School? It seems to be pretty legitimate.

I joined the Arcane School about 30 years ago. It doesn't cost anything, but they do encourage members to donate to the cause.

After joining they send out study materials and assign you to a mentor. The mentor was a regular member of the school but had been around for a while. The beginning study materials mainly center around mediation techniques based on DK's teachings, but explained clearly and methodically.

The group also has periodic conferences and sends members out transcripts of the speeches. This is one thing I miss receiving for they are only sent out to members. I personally think they should make them available to non members. On the other hand, their publication, The Beacon, which is available to all (for a subscription fee) has similar material as presented in the conferences.

One of the reasons I joined was that I had a number of questions and wondered if anyone at the school could answer them. The trouble was that every time I asked my mentor a question I got the same answer. He told me to go to my soul and find the answer. I was surprised that they didn't seem to have a hierarchical structure so a question could be passed up the line so if one person could not answer it then another up the line would be given the opportunity.

Overall I thought the school was a positive thing, but I saw the single contact idea as a major flaw. Their basic teachings in their manuals are good and simplify some of DK's teachings and seemed quite accurate.

Even so after a year or so I felt I gained more from reading and applying pure DK and, even though my mentor was a nice guy and fairly intelligent, he was not much help in my progression. I therefore withdrew my membership.

If they had some system where a student could obtain much wider contacts in the whole group I may have stayed on. As it was I had only a single contact with the group and never had a clue how many were involved with the school.

That was thirty years ago. Some things may have changed since then. I know that several members have considered joining. If any have, feel free to give an update on the school and post your thoughts.

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