Descending Idea

2006-2-9 11:17:00

We've had good news and bad news lately.

The good news is that our old friends John C and Xavier (Quintaldo) have joined us again. The bad news is that Ruth has left us. This was indeed a surprise to me. I'm sure many will miss her posts and the quote for the day. I hope she comes back soon - like tomorrow.

Interesting research on floating cities Blayne. You have found several that I have not come across. The idea of floating cities came to me about 15 years ago. At that time I new that there were a number of people who wanted to create a new society by some means - perhaps within a third world country or an island, but had never seen the idea of a floating city being presented.

Then when the internet came into being I wondered if anyone out there was promoting a similar idea. At that time the only thing that came up was the idea for a large Freedom Ship and a couple that wanted to anchor a city in shallow waters.

Now Blayne's research shows us that the idea is being picked up from the higher planes and has descended down to the mental sphere. This indicates that the time of physical materialization is becoming a real possibility.

I have read quite a few ideas from dreamers who wish to create a new country. A number of them have already written a new Constitution. Some of them are a little scary - one guy even wants to be a king.

One thing we will want when a new society is formed is maximum freedom combined with maximum prosperity.

Let's throw this out for comment from the group.

If you could have your way in the creation of a new country what are the three main ingredients you would write into a new Constitution, structure or law that is lacking in the nations of the world today?

Now and then an innocent man is sent to the legislature.  Kin Hubbard (1868 - 1930)