Re: Evil and Ignorance

2006-1-28 15:39:00

B writes:

Larry has a point here. Drug/alcohol use is something like a microcosm of general human behavior. Almost all human behavior can be categorized as either a movement toward pleasure, or a retreat from pain. Yes, it's still an oversimplification, but a useful one. Drug and alcohol addiction, therefore, represents an extreme form of advance or retreat. So, as Larry pointed out, not all addicts are motivated by pleasure, but by a sincere desire to escape the everyday world in which they experience unwanted pain.

I find it interesting that Larry mentions the "short circuiting" of mental processes because drug use has often been referred to as a "shortcut" to spirituality. Drugs, it has been said (but I don't remember who said it), can show one to the door, but cannot take you through it. The door to your higher awareness must be entered with full awareness.

My point still boils down to the simple principle of pain and pleasure, ignorance and full awareness.

When the addict started with drugs he was usually just seeking pleasure. If this evolves into seeking escape what does he want to escape? Pain. To go away from pain takes one toward pleasure. Pain and pleasure or the dualities always enter in.

As I said before the addict has a knowledge of many of the bad consequences of his behavior and for short periods he may say to himself that he is not going to take the drugs again, but then the overwhelming desire returns and he puts this reasoning out of his mind. Because the consequences are placed outside of his consciousness he then takes the drugs in a moment of ignorance.

When the addict overcomes he forces himself to not be ignorance but keeps the awareness fresh in his mind of the pros and cons of his behavior. When he does this he will have power to overcome.