Re: The War in Heaven

2006-1-18 00:54:00

Ruth Writes


Does this (see below) apply to this type of group, or a future spiritual group?

"As long as disciples feel negatively effected by accusations the dragon is not yet cast out of heaven. Is he easily offended? Then the dragon is still there seeking control. How does he accuse? Since this section largely applies to the students of the initiate we must look at group dynamics. The weak links in the group will be offended and accuse others of doing them harm. The weak links will suffer personal guilt and seek to spread it to his brothers. Some will seek the authority of the dragon over the group and by subtle means seek to control his brothers to serve his own desires."

Yes, it does apply to this and every other group who aspires to be a conductor of spiritual energy.

It is unrealistic though to expect an open internet group to be free of offense and grievances but it does provide good preparation for things to come.