Time and Space

2006-1-12 04:27:00

Larry quotes me:

"You cannot even imagine what it would be like to be beyond time and space ..."

Which is why I am skeptical that something can exist beyond time and space. The very concept of "existence" is bound up in time and space. I do not believe that humanity can even articulate a non-nonsensical concept of something beyond time and space.

Let's look at the popular Big Bang theory. Such proponents believe that 14 billion years ago there was no universe, that everything there is resided in what is called a singularity. This is a point infinitesimally small. In such an existence there would have been no motion for there was nothing to move. With nothing to move there would have been no time because time is created by motion.

If this theory is true then at this time (for want of a better word) there was no time or space. Even so, something had to exist or the universe could not have been created because something cannot come out of nothing.

Time and space as we know it exists in our physical universe. It does not exist in other realms as it exists here. Time is different, for instance, in your dream world. During one night you can start by dreaming of space ships in the future and then end up in another dream in the days of Columbus. You'll also notice that you never exactly measure time there as you do in the physical.

Time in the astral world is something like it is in the dream world.

Since time is created by motion one must see what is moving in the higher spheres to determine how or if time exists there.

Time in the mental world is more flexile still and is molded by thought images in motion.

In the formless worlds time exists as an idea or concept that manifests in the lower worlds, but the passing of it does not effect the reality there. Use your imagination to enter the world of ideas and attempt to see time and motion in such a world. Then we can get a vague idea of how much different the idea of time is there.


Or time still goes on in the lower worlds at a different rate, and perhaps time goes on so slow that it seems as if there is no time? Don't know, but the idea of existence outside of time makes no sense to me, and I don't believe it actually makes sense to anyone.

There is time in the mental, astral and physical worlds because there is motion there, but it operates much differently in the three different worlds.

If our consciousness were to go to the formless worlds there would be no registration of the passing of time, even though it would continue to pass here.

Time and space are interesting ideas to contemplate.

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