2005-12-8 00:18:00

My Friends,

I'm working on the next section interpreting Revelation and shall post it soon.

Meanwhile take a look at this website:

Now compare the attempted demolition of this building with the Twin Towers and ask yourself: Could a secret conspiracy really be confident of bringing down the two largest buildings in the world with explosives, something that has never been done before, when something easy like the building in the web reference was bungled?

Controversial conservative Ann Coulter attempted to give a speech Wednesday Dec 7th, 2005 at the University of Connecticut when she was shouted down by an organized group called "Students Against Hate." They shouted boos and jeers with such hate and intolerance that she couldn't finish her speech and had to leave early.

The reason they felt they had to stop her from speaking to a group of students that invited her and wanted to listen to her free speech?

"To stop her message of hate and intolerance."

How about being inclusive and tolerant and letting all peaceable citizens exercise the first amendment?