2005-9-2 04:32:00

Blayne writes:

As far as I can tell JJ has not endorsed Sharon or retracted any of his teachings on channeling. One thing JJ is consistent on is letting people decide for themselves.

Blayne speaks correctly here. We had a lot of comments from those who used the guided meditation to attempt to look into the future, even from my friend Wayne. I neither endorsed nor disagreed with any of them. The session was an experiment to see what sensitive members of the group would come up with. Since I believe that not even a Master can give all the details of the future then I surely did not expect members of our group to do it, but I did think it was possible to get a glimpse of the trends and cycles.

Larry was kind enough to bring forth some quotes of my previous writings on channeling. This was a good one:

Most automatic writing, channeling and many predictions come from the astral world and the akasha. In many cases the material retrieved can be helpful, but other times it may be distorted and subject to much illusion. Anything retrieved, especially without conscious participation, needs to be consciously interpreted through the eyes of the soul. [Formless Worlds, April 13, 1999]

I have never declared that channeling was all good or evil. DK did say that direct voice was not used by the Masters except for rare exceptions.

Sharon does her best to bring down the highest light she knows and if I am not mistaken she still maintains some consciousness during her direct voice. I don't expect everything she says (or anyone else in the group) to be 100 percent accurate, especially as far as exact predictions go. Whether one reaches the astral or the high spiritual planes one can, with effort, obtain a glimpse of reality beyond the physical. The higher the consciousness ascends the more reliable will be the transmission.

Unless strongly prompted by the soul I will not condemn anyone in the group for presenting what they see as truth after a manner they deem best. If it is a prediction we will soon find out if it is true. If it concerns a principle then we can check with our own souls and verify. The more the group makes up their own minds about what is usable and not usable the better.

Rick writes:

If his details are correct, (and my science and intuition say they are) then I would have to say that "book 4" (even in it's unfinished state) is in a class with books like "the Bible", the "Bhagavad-Gita", the Aphorisms of Patanjali, etc.

Good to hear from you again Rick. Thanks for the kind words. I will admit that I too believe that there are several truths in these last couple chapters that are profound and will live on. They indeed had a profound effect on me.


The alpha points and the universe are the ONE GOD of our universe, but there are other universes, presumably each having it's own ONE GOD. That, kind of, rocks the monotheism boat a bit. In my dictionary, Universe is the whole thing, so, if there is more than one universe, what is the name for a collection of universes, and who rules over it?

This is difficult to briefly explain and I may write more on it later.

Technically, the true universe is composed of all there is which includes an unlimited number of universes of galaxies. Beyond our universe there is no organization and if it had a name at present it would be chaos. Some who see more universes than one call the whole the omniverse. All the universes are randomly scattered, but will organize in there far future. The perfected entity in our Universe of Seven will be one with the perfected entities of past universes and are as one mind as far as the consciousness of the principle of seven is concerned, even though they have not yet moved on to oneness in the higher numbers.

The Universe of Seven is incorporated within the body of past universes built on higher numbers and such entities occupying those higher universes will see the Seven as part of themselves.

Concerning my comments on hurricane Katrina Ruth writes:

When you write here "a carrier for prayer requests," what exactly does this mean?

These are simply people who lend a helping hand in the way they deem best so the one in need receives some real physical help.


How can I give true assistance if I don't have the money to get there, etc.? Do I do this via prayer?

If you do not have much money and are unable to help victims half way across the world what do you do? The answer is that there are always people in your own back yard whom you can help in some way. Someone, who has a bad accident, a loss of job or even a divorce may be suffering as much as the average victim of Katrina.

Forget about helping the millions. If each person would just help those who come across his path he will have plenty of work to do and all would receive the assistance necessary to make it through the difficult times.

Help can be financial, service, or sometimes just a cheerful word and some encouragement.

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it.  George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)