Eye To Eye

2005-7-24 16:05:00

Larry writes:

"To the best of my knowledge no one here has said that it is impossible to have an optical eye in the center of one's forehead. I wouldn't be surprised if science could not in the near future find a way to manipulate human genetics to accomplish that if there was any particular reason to do so."


I'm not talking about something composed of optical principles exactly like our eyes, but an eye which is a synthesis of optical and spiritual vision rolled into one.

And as far as optics is concerned I wouldn't be surprised if a camera with one apparent opening for a lens is developed someday that produces 3-D pictures. In fact, software has been available for years that can take a two-dimensional drawing and transform it into 3-D.

We already have instruments that can see a wider spectrum of vision than our eyes. This foreshadows human possibilities.


"Also no one has said that 'seeing' or 'vision' beyond what one takes as "normal vision" is impossible. I have certainly not said that. So it is difficult to understand exactly to whom your comment is addressed? Perhaps it is addressed to some imaginary individual? :)"


It was addressed to all including you, of course. Perhaps, I misunderstood. I thought you disagreed with my teachings that some higher beings have a single third eye, which provides higher as well as regular seeing. It now sounds like any disagreement is minimal.

If I now understand you correctly your view runs something like this. My teaching on the all-seeing eye does not register as correct with you but at the same time you see that all things are possible.

I can't ask for more than this. If someone who claims to be God himself were to appear and teach us something that does not register with our souls we should not automatically accept it.

The all-seeing eye in these beings is over twice as large as a regular eye and such beings presently exist in etheric matter. When the last race manifests here one would expect it to follow the humanities of the past worlds and when a correspondence to the all-seeing eye manifests there is no way to predict how much regular optics and other means of seeing will be built into it. The one thing we can know in advance is the power to see in all directions and dimensions will be greatly increased.


"JJ, would you mind explaining this anther way, as I'm having a hard time visualizing what specifically it is that you mean by 'soul is the interplay between spirit and matter with the point of interplay being the human.'"


Think of the principle "As above, so below" and visa versa. The point of interplay in the lower worlds, which produces soul energy within us, are tiny lives which have achieved relative perfection eons ago. These lives exist in spirit and matter interchangeably.

Even so, humanity is the developing soul of the greater universe, but we, as a whole, at the present, are centered much more in the material than the spiritual. When the majority of human lives in the universe achieve soul contact then the true soul of the universe will come into being and lead the universe itself to self consciousness and a soul contact of its own.

Some helpful details will be available in the next chapter.

Nirvana writes:

"One would say there is no evidence of any such things. But I am not that close minded. I am just wondering how you could know about all this with enough certainty to be teaching it to others as absolute truth. You must be pretty certain. I find it difficult to understand how you could be so certain, When their appears to be so little to go on, in regards to these things."


If I teach a concept on this list it means that I personally believe in it and if I personally believe in a teaching it means that I have strong reason for doing so. I always teach with certainty if I feel it from within. This of course, does not mean that I am always right. Human error can always creep in as well as the fact that pieces to the whole picture are often missing.

There have been several times that I have made a post and on reflection afterwards my soul communicated with me telling me that I did not have the whole picture and that I would have to clarify the teaching some time in the future when more light comes.


Quote Of The Day

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."
  -- A. A. Milne (1882 - 1956)