Re: Group Description - Taking The High Ground

2005-5-29 10:20:00

My Friends,

We are having a good time at the gathering. We had Karaoke last night and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Some seem to have a hard time dragging themselves out of bed and into the real world again this morning.

In reading through this post by Zevon and Nirvana I see I do not have the time to answer them on the Keys at this time so I think I'll answer them during a class today and then post the audio when we return.

More soon,


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After reading over the last few weeks' worth of posts, I can't help but notice the "trump cards" that get played on this list.

For instance, does "Soul Contact" really mean that everyone agrees on every single issue, and therefore if someone disagrees with a "Soul Contactee" they must be wrong? If so, then the way for me to win any argument around here is to be the first to claim Soul Contact!

And if anyone dares question me, I will play the ultimate trump, the mailed fist in a velvet glove, leaving my opponent crushed and condemned and myself exalted. It goes like this: I forgive you of your illusions!

The moral high ground is now mine, do you hear me? ALL MINE!! > MuuHaaHaaHaaHaaaaaaa!


"I forgive you of your illusions", "no, I forgive YOU of your illusions", "NO, I forgive YOU..."