Looking Ahead

2005-5-16 16:42:00


Glad you like the interpretations of Revelation. I'll make this my next major post. I'm also trying to finish the next chapter in the book that I hope to post soon.

Glenys wrote:

Thank you for your further comments, JJ. Perhaps I have not understood you fully so I appreciate it your taking the time although I remain largely unconvinced.

I think it is your analogies that I have problems with as I said, especially the scrapping of a knee analogy because I do not think that the equivalent of scrapping one's knee has to take place when one tells a lie for a good reason. Same goes for the misspelled word scenario.

Why would you not think the correspondence is accurate. I think it is pretty sound and see no reason it is not. Perhaps you could expand on why you think as you do.


Furthermore, you suggest that a lie could be avoided if one could see into the future. I would suggest that even for Masters and the Logos Himself the detail of the future is uncertain although the overall outcome is assured. So perhaps it is not entirely reasonable to say the solution lies in having perfect foresight.

It is reasonable because I do it all the time and I am far from a Logos. You do not have to see the future in detail to avoid a lie, but the temptation to lie is usually pretty easy to see coming.

Let me give you an example of an easy one. It's your anniversary and you have to work that day. You meet an old friend and he wants to have a drink You innocently think you can have the drink and then make it home in time for your date with the spouse. You do not pay attention to the time and while driving home you realize you are going to be a half hour late. You do not have to be psychic to predict the circumstances you will have to handle when you get home.

Now to avoid the lie you must project yourself through the questions you will be asked and figure out how to answer them honestly, even though you may get in more trouble than if you lied.

I have projected myself this way throughout my life and have only gone wrong two or three times in 60 years. I'm sure the Logos has it down so he never feels he has to lie.