All is Hierarchy

2005-5-6 04:58:00

Ruth quoted this from the archives:

Any battle of Molecular orders will most likely be an internal struggle at first. There may be others who have broken off or plagiarized the teachings. The purpose of these is to distract and confuse (or divide and conquer). Fortunately, in this age, they will not permanently succeed. After the Molecules of Light are definitely established the world as a whole will be alarmed and do what they can to stop the work of light. When this time comes the true power of the Song will come into play.

To which John C responded:

I just have to come back on and respond to this.

Are you saying that God or the hierarchy could not reveal this same principle to somebody else somewhere in the world who was tuned in and listening? I thought in other posts, JJ, you said that there would be disciples all over the world forming molecules.

All knowledge of all principles is available through the soul to anyone sensitive enough to tune into them. On the other hand, the hierarchy does not repeat itself in its own revelations to humankind unless it is necessary for some important reason. The Brotherhood will therefore concentrate on different missions for different teachers.

For instance, Jesus taught a new way of looking at the principle of love. In other words, he revealed the true meaning of spiritual love in the place of the old understanding of personality love.

There were not two or more people on the earth with this same message in the same time period. Even though there were other wise teachers they had a different purpose and message. Some of them even spoke of love, but did not demonstrate the new understanding as did Jesus. Jesus was the focus of creating this point of light. He then duplicated himself and other points of light with the same message were created.

John C:

Also, I can't imagine a true molecular order wanting to battle another molecule.

The spiritual molecules will not fight each other or one or both of them would not be molecular. Soul contact that brings union through inner vision is what is necessary to maintain the spiritual flow to create or maintain a molecule. Two molecules seeing the same thing will therefore not fight. Only those who drop away from the soul will cease seeing as one.

The article from which the quote comes explains the principle that the Dark Brotherhood does not come up with divine ideas or principles on their own. All they can do is that that which has been revealed and alter it for their own use. Therefore, it will only be a matter of time before the molecular principle is taken by them and altered for their own use on the physical plane. Any dark or astral molecule controlled by the Dark Brotherhood will be opposed to molecules of light and will fight against them either openly or subtly.

John C:

It seems to me that any group who wanted to bring about world peace and synthesis would WELCOME another similar effort, not fight against them.

Of course two groups on the same side would welcome each other's efforts if both are seeking to manifest divine will through the soul. I've never written anything contrary to this.

John C:

JJ, why would you post all this stuff publicly if you were concerned about others plagiarizing the teachings?

The word "concern" is yours not mine. Of the many teachings I have introduced some will be plagiarized, some will be altered and presented with a new slant, and others will quote and give credit to the source. This is a natural happening that I accept. It does little good to be concerned about it. The wise thing is to merely look to the future and anticipate problems to come that one has to deal with to fulfill his own little job.

John C:

Personally if I were you, I would be very gratified if I found out about another group trying to implement these teachings, if they did so in a spirit of cooperation and not of rivalry, and that is the only way it would work.

As far as teachings of light goes there are always many groups throughout the earth working on the same side, but adapting similar teachings to the need of the various groups.

However, when a specific task is to be accomplished the Hierarchy will unite behind one effort beginning at one time and place.

For example, there were not two individuals or groups through which the Masters worked to create a molecule of twelve units through Jesus. The whole effort was centered around one point of origin that connected heaven and earth and spread from there.

Jehovah did not work through two people like Moses, but picked an originating point for his work and moved outward from there.

Bill Gates appreciates anyone who understands his operating system and is willing to promote it, but it would shatter his kingdom is someone stole it and marketed it outside of his company.

Many new agers do not like the idea of hierarchy, but order created through hierarchy is absolutely necessary for the enduring success of any project.

DK says "All is hierarchy." Why is this true? Because there can be no stable creation in the universe without the existence of a hierarchy, even within the tiny cells, atoms and molecules.

John C:

I'm not going to stay on the Keys for long because I have another project that I am working on, but I HAD to respond to this.

Maybe there will be other things you have to respond to so we will hear from you again.

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