The Christ and the Christ Principle

1999-4-15 20:14:00

Dave asks:

"The explanation you gave answers a lot of questions about the Christ and/or Father relationship. I'm really intrigued with the idea that we'll each have a chance to have the Christ spirit overshadowing our own. What determines our worthiness to experience an overshadowing? I know a big part of it is the Truth factor we just covered. Is there anything beyond that?"

LeLona comments:

"I can't resist putting my 2 cents in here. 'What determines our worthiness to experience an overshadowing?' Wow, what a question. We are in no way worthy. We are created to BE that Christ spirit overshadowing and indwelling! We were created for this, we are created for this, and we will be created for this!"

Lelona's answer is correct when talking about the Christ principle that resides within all of us, but the overshadowing we are talking about is about the cooperation of an individual entity which is an entirely different thing.

The three principles of the Godhead are reflected in fullness with each one of us. The Christ, as an aspect or principle, lies mostly undiscovered within each of us and this is a totally distinct concept apart from the Christ who taught in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

Each one of these three aspects has a representative on the earth who has manifested that principle to a degree of relative perfection. The entity who descended upon Jesus at His baptism and coexisted in his body is that representative for this little planet. This entity has been various great teachers in the earth's history including the Hindu Lord Krishna and Melchizedek from the days of Abraham.

When we obtain the fullness of the Christ principle within ourselves we will have power over our form to the extent that if we are killed and our body torn apart, we can "resurrect" it and reappear in the flesh on the physical plane. Since none of us have that power yet, the only way to manifest the Christ principle in fullness among the sons and daughters of men is through the overshadowing of an individual entity who has progressed out of the kindergarten we are in.

An overshadowing is not an event we can affirm or decree because the decision to act is made by the overshadowing entity who is, in this case, the one we call the Christ. It is totally up to Him as to who He decides to directly work with.

All we can do as individuals is to aspire to be a usable vessel for Him. If our vibration has not reached a certain degree then an overshadowing is impossible. If Christ were to attempt to directly overshadow the average seeker out there, the high spiritual energy would cause a terrible and painful death.

The experience was disturbing enough for Jesus. Right after the overshadowing event He went straight into the wilderness and fasted for forty days in an attempt to harmonize with the High and Holy Presence.

There are several degrees of overshadowing that we will explore later.