2005-4-21 05:34:00

Blayne writes:

Wow Dan thanks! There is some very interesting stuff in there and some great things to look forward to.

JJ, if you have time would you mind after reading this post perhaps elaborating on some of the quotes and topics that you feel moved to expand on?

There's a lot of meat there. If there is anything specific you wish me to comment on let me know. Meanwhile I'll try and find the time to read it thoroughly.

Laura Stofan wrote me a letter a while back asking some questions.

She was concerned about the Terri Shiavo case and asked:

When does the soul leave the body in a case like this. Is it when she dies?

A person has two connective links between his life force and his body. The first is a link to the heart center and the second is to the head. During waking hours, both are active, but during sleep the mental self leaves the body and the astral and etheric vehicles remain connected through the hear.

When a person is in a comma, or a vegetative state, he is in a state similar to sleep. His mental self is away functioning on higher realms but his heart link remains.

In Terri Shaivo's case (assuming she was in a vegetative state) the most likely scenario is this.

While she was incapacitated her mental self was off to higher realms, but her feeling nature was in a dream state, but suffering little from her physical problems. At death her mental body merged with her astral body. This would have taken her a period of adjustment in the other world since they were both separated for so long. After the adjustment is made she then moves on to her rest.


Is the soul trapped in the body so it can't communicate until it dies?

The soul is never trapped. Even in a comma the entity functions as an arm of the soul on higher levels. Soul energy is fed into a person in a comma to keep him alive, but the soul consciousness is elsewhere.


What causes a person's brain to be retarded at birth?

I assume you want to know the spiritual cause here. There are a number of reasons. Here are some.

  1. The person has some karma that will force him to learn lessons associated with the handicap. It could be related to the need for humility, empathy, patience or some other needed virtue.
  2. The person is not a very developed soul and the situation is what his consciousness needs.
  3. There are some just plain accidents of nature not associated with individual karma that we just have to live with.

Because every physical malady has several possible causes it is important we refrain from judgment regarding a person's past sins.


Does the soul compensate for it some?

When we undergo a life of limitation or suffering and we handle it with grace we will be given a much stronger advantage in the next life than we normally would.

When Christopher Reeve is reborn in a healthy body he will be quite the extrovert and thrilled with every breath he takes.

Terri Shiavo will be the opposite in some ways because her consciousness was affected. She is likely to be very quiet and reflective, but also very thankful for her well being.

While thou livest keep a good tongue in thy head. William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)