The Eclipse

2005-4-11 05:03:00

Good thoughts from the group on the next Pope. Your guess is as good as mine for the present for I haven't put a lot of thought into it. On the other hand, it matters not if you are a Catholic or not the person who is the next Pope will be an important figure in the next few years and will have a great opportunity to move the Catholic Church and world forward if he is capable of receiving light.

I had asked the following question in a previous post:

"Pope John Paul II was born during a solar eclipse and his funeral was also during a solar eclipse. The chances of this happening are very slim. What is the meaning behind this?"

This is a rare occurrence indeed for very few people have had two eclipses marking birth and death in their lives.

There is fascinating symbolism here. Pope Paul I's given name was Albino Luciani which means "white light." After serving just 33 days he mysteriously died and was replaced by Karol Joseph Wojtyla who became John Paul II. This replacement Pope was born during a solar eclipse.

This is symbolic of his reign during an eclipse of a true Son of God through the death of Luciani. Many see Pope Paul II as a great pope, but I believe that Luciani would have been a much greater one and would have created many reforms that would have moved the Catholic Church forward.

It is interesting that Pope Paul II was buried during a partial eclipse. This tells me that even though be replaced one who was supposed to reveal the light of the sun that this light was only partially eclipsed. This was due to the dedication of the servant.

Bryan added a good thought:

"I would say that it may be interpreted to mean that as the moon is representative of the Lunar Gods; lower/emotional self ... and the moon eclipsed the sun."

During the reign of Pope Paul II the lower self within the Catholic Church eclipsed the soul at a time when the soul was supposed to shine though. But the symbolism of the final partial eclipse tells us that still some movement toward the light was achieved.

Let us hope it continues on an accelerated level with the new Pope.