Questions on Reincarnation

2005-4-7 05:46:00

My Friends,

A reader who started reading my Book "Eternal Lives" had some questions. I thought you might want to read the answers.


The question is, is there a certain amount of lives (souls) or are there more added all the time to fit the number of people on the earth.

Creation of human egos takes place much differently than is taught in the current LDS church, but the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom do agree with what Joseph Smith said about it. Joseph taught that we never had a beginning and we never will have an end, that we are "co-equal with God."

In the beginning we were intelligence, or the light of truth. This is called a human monad which is a mini singularity in the waters of divine space. This point of creation has always existed as potential, or higher light and burst forth as a mini big bang sending the light of creation into the ever expanding universe.

These intelligences were then nourished by higher intelligences, the Gods (who have passed through the long cycle of lives) and gathered together into different systems. 90 billion were gathered here for this earth, but 30 billion refused to descend into matter. This leaves 60 billion allocated for this earth.


I you do the math the amount of people on the earth now verses 5000 years ago, big difference, where are these souls coming from and how does this fit in the equation of past lives?

Only about 10% of the human spirits are here at the present time. Overall, man has been on this earth for 18 million years which is not only much longer than the religions think, but longer than the scientists believe. Science keeps going further back. They have now found humans 4 million years back.

This long time period, as well as that to come, gives plenty of time for all to experience many lives.

The Book of Moses talks about Adam, "which is many." The Adam the Bible speaks of was one of many that have appeared here since the real first man millions of years ago which was the God appointed to the earth.


And if there are new souls entering the equation where are they coming from? And that would have to mean there are very old souls and new souls. So I a person with a new soul wanted to find out his past life there wouldn't be one, right because this might be his first life.

Few, if any on the earth, are experiencing their first life. A first life would normally be experienced in primitive tribal conditions where the entity can learn to use his instincts, which is his first cycle of learning.

Humanity is a little over half through their spiritual and physical evolution on this planet.