The Song

2005-3-22 05:48:00

Jimmy writes:

I have a few questions I hope you will answer. Firstly, the members of this group claims to have The song of the 144 000 that is mentioned in revelations 14. Has this song only been made up for the book The Immortal, or do you truly believe that it is the real song? In the case you think it is the real one, where did it come from?

I believe it is the real Song for the physical plane, but the circumstances in which it was initiated was different than in the book. Also keep this in mind. The verses of Revelation have multi-layered interpretation and there are higher octaves of the Song for the higher planes as well as inner meanings.

Something I find interesting is that no one (that I know of) has even claimed to have presented the Song of the 144,000 to the world over the past 2000 years. I am amazed there are not a hundred versions of it floating around by now, but there seem to be none. However, some have taken the Song and altered it and are using it for their own purposes.

Evidence that the Song is inspired is contained in the Song itself. The words therein are eternal words and shall not pass away, but the use of it shall increase until it shall be known among all men.

Since publishing the Song I have received many testimonies in public and private of wonderful effects that it has had on various individuals. I am often amazed when I say it myself on the difference in how I feel before and after.

We haven't mentioned the Song for a while. Perhaps members would like to comment on the effect the Song has on them.

The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards. Arthur Koestler (1905 - 1983)