Re: Emotions

2005-2-23 14:07:00

"Emotion does not discriminate. It merely wants yes or no, right or wrong, not shades of gray."

-- JJ Dewey

Ruth W. writes:

This does not seem right to me. Some things I really, really like, while others are only mildly agreeable. The same is true of things disliked. Then there is the place in-between that feels emotionless...don't care one way or the other.

To like or dislike is a computation figured out by the mental facilities. Some even like things that are painful.

Let's look at a few emotions separated from the brain or mind. Either you love someone or you don't. Either you hate a thing or you don't. Either you feel jealous at a certain time or you don't. It's all yes or no.

Now your mind will analyze the intensity of the emotion, but the emotion itself just feels the feeling, or it doesn't, and it matters not to the feeling nature who or what the cause is.

If you can think of a specific example that you feel is the exception I'll be happy to comment.