No Man Knows

2004-12-23 06:03:00

CG writes:

I do have a few questions about what you posted from DK:

DK: "He will be recognized this time by all and in His Own Person will testify to the fact of the resurrection, and hence demonstrate the paralleling fact of the immortality of the soul, of the spiritual man."

DK states that this time the Christ will be recognized by ALL.

Therefore, does this mean every single human being on Earth?

One problem with this type of statement is that it has not been revealed exactly how Christ will appear. The first state of his appearing has been accomplished and that is the implanting of the teaching of the Christ Consciousness, or "Christ in you, the hope of Glory." Col 1:27. This belief is now firmly enough established to take root and fulfill stage one.

The second stage has two steps.

  1. The first stages of overshadowing. This happens through the Oneness Principle where numerous disciples tune into the mind of Christ and seek to act as his agents on the earth. When successful, the disciple will say and do the same type of words and works as the Christ himself if he were physically here.
  2. The Divine Possession where the consciousness of Christ is shared with a disciple as happened with Jesus 2000 years ago.

The third stage is where the Christ appears in a physical body of his own, not sharing one with a disciple. This would be an even more intense presence for him than the last time.

If the principle of overshadowing and divine possession are successful, or on the other hand, if the consciousness of humanity is not prepared for the physical presence of the Christ, the overshadowing principle could be used to constitute the Second Coming.

It is most likely that the two steps of the overshadowing will be used for some time to come with Christ making his physical appearance after a lot more groundwork has been done. This could happen within a generation, but more than likely would be over a hundred years or more in our future.

If the time becomes right for him to appear in a physical body of his own he will do so after many disciples have awakened and done the necessary work. He will appear first to human molecules and other disciples doing necessary work. When all is in order he will then begin his mission to the world with proof of his immortality in a body which cannot be destroyed.

Notice that both DK and the Bible say that all will recognize him, but it does not say this will happen immediately. This recognition may take a couple hundred years of work before it universally occurs. Even here all may not call him the Christ, but they will recognize God working in him.


If so, what has happened to all the people who are turned only towards the Self/dark and materialism? Will they also be able to recognize Him, or have they disappeared or changed their ways drastically and renounced all error/evil?

The workers of darkness are often the first to recognize an agent of light, but they deal with this recognition much differently than the good guys. Instead of acceptance they fight against the light with all their power.

The advanced dark disciples consciously recognize the light and fight against it while the lesser disciples merely recognize a being on an opposite path to themselves.


Do you believe that ALL will recognize Him in about 22 years time? Are changes to humanity's view of God and Soul going to drastically change that much in only 20 years? If so, is this because of the preparatory work being done now?

This is unlikely to happen by this time. But as I have said before the period from 2025-2030 will be a key time to have certain foundations laid in anticipation for the presence of the Christ, however he may chose to manifest.

The scriptures say that no man knows the date and time of his coming, not even the Son, but only the Father. (Matt 24:36) This is basically still true today except the Christ has a lot better idea of how events will play out now than he did back then.

The coming of Christ is a great mystery, but when the mission of Christ is completed, interpretation by use of hindsight will be simple, as it is now with his first coming.

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail. Gore Vidal (1925 - )

NOTE: Though I do not agree with this quote I include it because it represents the thoughts of so many.