Revised Web Page

2004-10-31 08:11:00

My Friends,

I haven't written a post today for I have been finishing updating my web site. I've been working on this the past few days and I think it is greatly improved as far as the presentation of products is concerned

We have added several new products. Now, instead of four volumes of the Keys of Knowledge Archives we have six and will be adding more shortly. Many thanks to Susan Cater and Mindy for their editing which helped make it possible to give you a good product.

In addition I have deleted many posts which do not contain pure teachings so as you read through you should be receiving so much light you will glow in the dark.

We have also added the following books with all chapter titles to give the readers an overview:

In addition we have added the full audio for the Manti 2004 Gathering. As a bonus we have included the best of the 2003 gathering in Illinois. There should be around 30 hours of audio on MP3 for only $14.95. Even though these are compressed to put them all on one CD, they are several times the quality of the audio made available on the web. It sounds as good to me as uncompressed audio. If we had to sell these on tapes or a regular CD format the cost would be $200-$300 instead of $14.95.

Finally we have added a very unique product that I have not seen done before. This is a notepad with 100 different quotes on 100 different pages which are taken from the archives. We considered doing a 365 page calendar with 365 quotes (and still plan on this some time in the future) but settled on the notepad as it is easier to manufacture and the cost is much lower.

The idea is this. A Bookstore owner or consumer will use the notepad for his notes and as he goes through page after page and reads the quotes his interest becomes stimulated and he orders the books.

To check out what has been added go to:

Then click on the top link.

May you live all the days of your life. Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)