The Mean God

2004-10-30 14:57:00


Wow. So, if we don't do what God tells us to do all life on earth will be destroyed? No pressure there!

This is the kind of God that has no place in my life.

This has nothing to do with whether God is good or evil or whether we like him or not. It has nothing to do with God being angry because we do not obey. It's more like a man saying: "Do not take this road because the bridge is out." God is the messenger here and it pays to not shoot the messenger.

God himself is subject to the laws of cause and effect and when a cause is set in motion then it must play out. For example, if a person decides to drive over a cliff no one is going to stop him. If he wants to self destruct and set in motion the cause then the effect will follow, unless some loved one steps in and influences him to change.

Similarly humanity, as a whole, operates on a similar principle to a smaller life. If the human race makes a decision to self destruct then they have the power to do so. Loved ones (masters, disciples and leaders) may try to create an influence to change the outcome, but it is a folly to think that bad things cannot happen to humanity just because there is more at stake than for a single human.

Every once in a while a supernova goes off in the galaxy and a whole solar system is exploded into oblivion in an instant. The lives who live there could just think God is mean or they can realize that cause and effect rule in the universe and no life, not even God, can interfere with the results of a determined free will.

DK talks about the possibility of the earth being destroyed. He doesn't expect it to happen, but says if it does we'll just build a new and better world for our next attempt.

I personally believe that we will have some nerve-wracking points of tension during the transition to the new age, but I believe the light is strong enough that we will create a better world for ourselves.

God is a mean God. Michael Savage