Questions on Christ

2004-10-27 16:42:00

JJ Quote:

"Both Jesus and the Christ are in physical bodies and are on the earth following their chosen lines of work."

John C:

I have heard you quote DK as saying that Jesus was incarnated in Syria, but I didn't know, according to your writings, that the Christ was here as well.

If they are both here in physical bodies, etc. When what are we waiting for? What second coming?

First let me say that this quote does not contradict anything I have written. This is why DK calls the Second Coming the "Reappearance." He quotes the scripture where he promises "I will be with you always even until the end of the age." Then he tells us that the Christ has never left, that he currently lives in a physical body not far from DK on the borders of Tibet.

A Master as advanced as the Christ has power to unfold his physical body and be born again as a babe if the need arises, or he can travel in his spiritual body to overshadow a disciple if the need arises. He can also through meditation commune with numerous disciple and give them inspiration which is not as direct of contact as overshadowing.

Here is a quote from DK citing the various alternatives and problems faced by the masters in their appearance:

How will these Members of the Hierarchy in Their various grades appear on earth? Will They come through the methods of ordinary birth, of childhood and maturity? Some initiates may follow this ordinary pattern, some are already passing through it today and are in the stages of infancy and adolescence; to them will be given a large share of the preparatory work. Some will not pass through these relatively limiting phases, but will pass back and forth between the outer world and the world of hierarchical endeavor; they will be sometimes present in physical bodies and sometimes not. This method of activity will not be possible as long as the present rules of national and civilian identification, of passports and of drastic airport and seaport inspection are required by the authorities; such people as these "transitting initiates" would not be able to identify themselves. This form of appearance is therefore postponed for some time. Some of the Masters will create what is called in the language of the East the "mayavirupa" - a vehicle of expression which is built of atomic physical and astral substance and of concrete mental substance. This They can create at will, use at will and cause to vanish at will; Their problem is not, therefore, so acute in the matter of appearing and of reappearing as is that of the initiate who cannot thus create to suit his purpose and his service.

Will all the Members of the Hierarchy make Their appearance at the same time? Certainly not. The appearing of these initiates and Masters will begin with isolated members appearing and living among men, coming forth one by one, doing the required work, returning through the portals of apparent death to the inner subjective Ashram, and then again appearing by one or other of the methods mentioned above. This process has been going on for some time and began around the year 1860.

(The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization, by Alice A. Bailey)

John C:

If this is not the second coming, what will the difference be?

If the Christ can incarnate now in his own body, why couldn't he do the same 2000 years ago?

Two reasons.

  1. Jesus saved him 30 years of wasted time in preparing a vehicle for him. This allowed him to be able to attend to his various duties during this time.
  2. The karma of the planet dictates how close a high entity like this can approach us. For instance our Karma and vibration of humanity does not allow the Ancient of Days to Directly incarnate at this time. He will come though during the Seventh root race.

John C:

What's the source for this?

Where is the Christ, and what's he doing? What's his chosen line of work?

DK tells us that the Christ is presently in a physical body. Currently he is the leader of the Hierarchy and guides and teaches them as well as works in the Spirit with numerous incarnated disciples.

If Jesus and/or the Christ are in physical bodies on the earth, are they conscious of who they are/were? Do they have to pass through the same initiations as before?

Unless one of them is born as a baby they will be aware of who they are. If they incarnate they will have to reach maturity first.

If the Christ has incarnated or will soon, this information will not be given to the public as many would-be disciples full of glamour would claim to be him or be having him as a baby. If he does incarnate he will not reveal who he is.