Masters and Rays

2004-10-27 05:42:00

CG Writes:

Is Saint Germain a Master of the Seventh Ray or is a Chohan a Lord?

The master of the seventh Ray was the Master Rakoczi. But about 60 years ago he was moved to preside over the third Ray as Master of Civilization. Of him DK writes:

"He is a Hungarian, and has a home in the Carpathian Mountains, and was at one time a well-known figure at the Hungarian Court. Reference to Him can be found in old historical books, and He was particularly before the public eye when he was the Comte de St. Germain, and earlier still when he was both Roger Bacon and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note that as the Master R. takes hold, on the inner planes, of affairs in Europe, His name as Francis Bacon is coming before the public eye in the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy. He is rather a small, spare man, with pointed black beard, and smooth black hair, and does not take as many pupils as do the Masters previously mentioned."

Initiation, Human and Solar, Page 59

The name of the Master who currently heads the Seventh Ray is not given as far as I know.


Are there 49 Masters of the Seven subrays? Or only seven Lords of the rays? This is what is confusing me. Are there seven specific Lords of the main Seven Rays and then 49 Masters who oversee the subrays from the main seven rays? Overall the Christ is the Main office held with all these, I think.

DK also gives some information on this:

"The Hierarchy works also through the seven major Ashrams and their affiliated Ashrams, and these "seven which are the forty-nine" represent in their totality the seven rays with their subrays, and are the custodians, transmitters and distributors of the seven ray energies to the seven planetary centres and-via these seven centres-to those in the fourth kingdom in nature (as they gradually unfold over the aeons) and then, via these, to the seven centres in individual man. Such is the synthesis.

"The seven major centres or Ashrams within the Hierarchy are each presided over by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centres or Ashrams are presided over by Masters and Adepts (of the fifth and fourth initiations), aided by initiates of the third degree and certain picked and senior disciples. Several of the seven affiliated Ashrams are, as yet, incomplete as regards personnel, but vacancies are rapidly being filled as the spiritual effects of the world war (1914-1945) make themselves felt. These effects are very real and have been a source of great encouragement to hierarchical workers."

Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 527

The seven lords who preside over the seven rays for the solar system are the planetary Logi over the seven sacred planets. These are Vulcan (a hidden planet) Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Saturn is most closely linked to the earth since both Earth and Saturn is on Ray three. Jehovah who appeared to Moses represented the Logos of Saturn and was on this ray himself.

Christ is the Master of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

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