2004-10-25 11:21:00


DK also has said that two fifths of the planet's population will be taken off the planet, and I assume from the other information I gave from DK yesterday on the keys in my post, that these souls will be going to another Earth-like planet to bring about their growth, because they are too stuck in the Piscean Age thoughtforms and materialism etc.

This event has little to do with the current Aquarian or passing Piscean age, but will happen far in the future. Mankind has to evolve through seven races all together and we are polarized now in the fifth. We still have the sixth and seventh to go which will take millions of years to complete. When our evolution is complete in this far future then 60% of humanity will "graduate" to higher spheres. The 40% will have to await the creation of another earth-like planet to complete their lessons.

They will be smarter and more seasoned than the younger souls there, yet certain resistances must be worn down or the younger ones will pass them up.


Hi CG, this isn't the same thing as "rapture" referred to in the book of Revelations is it?

One way to interpret the rapture would be to apply it to the 60% who will go to higher spheres at the true end of this world, ages hence. There is no literal rapture planned for the present coming of Christ. The only way something even close to it would take place is if the Plan of Christ is frustrated by the Dark Brothers and it looked like all life on earth may be destroyed.

This is not expected to happen and will not happen if disciples do their jobs. Even so, humanity has its free will and can always choose the destructive path. The future is not set in stone, but the strong probability is that we will face numerous points of crisis, but survive and rise above them with the human race intact.

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