Buddhic Truth

2004-10-8 05:27:00

The Question:
The next level of truth is the intuitional or Buddhic plane. This is the bridge between the higher and lower worlds.

What part of the tree is this and what is the nature of the truth to be discovered here?

To understand what part of the tree is represented by the Buddhic plane we must ask ourselves what this plane accomplishes in relation to ourselves.

The answer is that it delivers the spiritual concepts and energies from the higher planes to the lower.

The three visible parts of the tree are the leaves, the branches and the trunk representing the three worlds of form. Just as the other parts of the tree are invisible to the outward eye even so do the higher planes seem formless beyond our vision.

That formless part of the tree which gives life is the fluid within it that delivers nutrients and life to the whole. The sap of the tree corresponds also to the blood of our body and of this the scripture says "The blood is the life." Deut 12:23

More literally the blood of man and the fluid in a tree is the delivery system for life. The fluid in a tree also represents the delivery system of divine ideas and principles.

The fluid also represents the soul which is the great bridge between spirit and matter. The fluid is universally present throughout the whole tree and corresponds to the Oneness Principle at work.

So what is the nature of truth discovered on this plane? From this Buddhic plane is revealed principles. In a flash, in an instant, the disciple can perceive a principle and all its meaning which is worth more than a thousand facts.

So what is the next plane up? The next plane is called the Atmic.

All form originates on this plane and is reflected to the mind, which is in turn reflected in physical reality. Think about a consciousness that originates ideas, which later appear as new form in physical reality. How would you describe it such a consciousness? Intuition brings down these ideas, but atmic consciousness creates them.

Atmic consciousness is governed by spiritual will whereas Buddhic consciousness is governed by love/wisdom which lovingly feeds the body.

What part of the tree is represented by the atmic plane and why?
What is the nature of truth to be discovered there?

Cowards die many times before their deaths,
The valiant never taste of death but once.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)