Born Again?

2004-10-5 13:44:00

Why do you assume there is something eternally complete?

I don't, I have experienced it.

Any soul who has been touched by the Sacred Knows that Perfection exists. When we court the Sacred we also touch Eternity, and so remember that Perfection has always been and will evermore Be.

One thing I find interesting is the similarities between the response I get from the born again Christian and he who has claimed to experience the metaphysical ultimate truth/void/beyond duality/truth, nirvana etc.

Both tell me that I have not yet experienced this and if I just let go of the mind and accept then I too will have this marvelous experience. Then I will see the true Jesus/ultimate truth/ultimate perfection.

Both say this experience cannot be adequately described or put into words but just needs to be experienced.

Both maintain they have "found it!" - the ultimate it.

Both maintain that any teachings of lengthy initiations and many steps are unnecessary, but only a giant leap of faith is needed - and then we arrive at perfection to eternally be with God/the Ultimate etc.

Both maintain they have a lock on the true love of God, something that I must follow in their footsteps to discover.

Now you would probably agree that the born again experience is from the astral level and is far away from nirvana, even though it is a step in progression for the beginner.

Why should any of us believe that you have experienced anything beyond this since your description so far is very much the same?

Can you give us a description of your experience that would indicate that you are not just a born-againer with a changed name?

I will review your postings and may respond further if I have time, but I have already written more than a book on this subject which can be found in the archives. I do not like to have to repeat myself and for some reason the born-again ultimate truth people seem to be into wanting me to do this.

If you go to the archives you can find much material I have written about this subject by typing in:

Use a different search for each word.

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)